Tour of Duty Suggested Improvments

A warm welcome to the game - in my opinion - would be the ability to ‘highlight’/‘star’ tour challenges to see them in out tab menu. Another visual aid would be for the current way we view our challenges mid game. Mid game you can complete a challenge but in the tab menu the challenge would not read as complete until after the game. This should be a simple fix with an addition of a progress meter as there is no way to view your current statistical progress.


Good idea for peeps who put themselves through it for not much…only problem is…they would find a way to make it something else broken …within the game🙄

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I agree. Once you load a match, you can no longer see the objectives.

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I would just like the Tour to actually work. Half the time when you are at the menu and can open it up, it just a blank screen that says “loading”. Can’t view daily challenges or the medals. Only way to fix it is either restart the game or enter a multiplayer match and exit back out again. And even then, sometimes that doesn’t fix it.

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Interesting. I’ve never had that issue. Every once in a while the social tab will say loading. I close and relaunch.