Tour of Duty stars could use some work

I just finished a challenge for getting 30 eliminations as Del while playing co-op vs AI (I’m not good at real versus!). Takes a few matches, nets you 3 stars. Lovely! Then I reset it for a new objective, and I get “Complete a horde match.” Also nets you 3 stars. Really!? The difference in time investment between these two things is ridiculous. A challenge like “do 50 waves of horde” should give you 10 stars. Also, please don’t make the elimination ones worth less because of this post. :slight_smile:

For that challenge, I set my custom to wave 50 and camp with del.

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OK I just joined a match that started at wave 50 and I got it. Didn’t know that was possible, thought I had to go through the whole thing. Thanks for the tip!


For “Complete a Horde match”, only doing wave 50 works. The easiest way to accomplish this would be to start a custom game on Beginner on wave 50 on Asylum and go to the Talon spawn, block it off with barriers and Sentries. Carriers, Snatchers and Swarmaks aren’t gonna get in there. Not sure about the Matriarch. Easy stars in a few minutes

Edit : Person above me said this already. Oh well.

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