Tour of Duty star system

What’s everyone’s thoughts on the TOD star system and would you rather have a more regular ranking system?

It’s just a string of cosmetics. Too many banners.
I just wish that there was some value to stars earned post completion.


Last dev stream Octus clarified that this was actually a priority for the team.

Hopefully that translates into something soon. I am holding off a ton of medals just incase.


I like it a lot, I just would like more Iron in the rewards so you can buy more of a boost for the next operation, kind of like how you can earn enough in fortnight for a pass for the next season. Now I’m not expecting enough to buy an Ops pack for free but enough iron to buy a decent boost would be appreciated.

I’m not a skin, cosmetic fan at all but the boost is all I really care about. So more Iron please.


Hopefully they turn extra stars in XP, say 1 star 200xp is a fair amout i think.
Im reup 27 and need 17800 xp per lvl which is taking forever to lvl up due to the poor xp u get for all gm mode,more xp plz🤩


XP is a pretty outdated thing. Please use 10. :smirk:

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10 what?

Snap, I am also reup 27.

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So u no where im coming from, i also have boost. F knows how long it would take without boost🐌

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Windows XP is outdated. Windows 10 is the current one. :upside_down_face:

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Sorry i might of found that funny but i do not own a pc,:man_facepalming:

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I thought the release of operation 3 was the release of what they were working on to fix TOD?

I am not sure what you are saying here, but TC is still iterating and trying to improve Gears 5.

When they said they would fix TOD, they said it would be for operation 3.

Operation 3 is already the reworked tour of duty

OP 3 has many changes yes, but that isn’t what I am talking about, I am talking about the Stars post hitting general doing something.

TC mentioned this is a priority for them on the latest dev stream.

No need to be Reup 27 to know what it’s like. I barely reached Reup 22 about two days ago, and I can feel the pain. Then again, I’ve been feeling it ever since Reup 16, 17 or 18. Thank god TC is making the Reups easier to get through.

Still, being able to exchange overflow stars for XP, I’d absolutely take it(and it is what I want the most for the use of stars post General completion).