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Tour of Duty RND is Ridiculous

I have really bad luck when it comes to RNG, any sort of game that has random this and random that in it, count me out.
My Son started his Tour of Duty when i was halfway through mine, i thought he would never catch me up. But, with me getting One star and if i am lucky 2 star dailies he over took me in no time. I have two cards to complete on my Tour of Duty, he has completed his with 3 and fours star dailies.

RNG really has been unkind to me. Why do games input such terrible things in to games. In Destiny RNG was quickly renamed RNJesus, and with good reason too. I am surprised Gears 5 has not had a colourful renaming of its RNG.

TC has a horrible, blind addiction to RNG, injecting it even into places where it makes no business or playability sense (horde card drops) or results in the feature being renderred virtually useless and largly ignore (power taps in horde).

Any complaints are met with a ‘ohhh, stay put, we have big things coming in the future, blah, blah’

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Do what I did, but boost and do it in like a week :man_shrugging:t2:

This is by far the easiest tour so far and you get 5 dailies instead of 4 and you’re STILL complaining?
Everyone who even cared about ToD3 was done by the end of week 3.


This is kinda my opinion. Had it done 2-3 weeks ago even with the 1 star objectives.

Although in my opinion it would be nice to have 2-4 stars be the limit.

Not to mention if you somehow are unlucky enough to get 5, one-star bounties, all of the Medals offer 4+ stars and some you can grind out in as little as an hour.

I’m more put off by the skill card RNG. The TOD is doable in 13 weeks for someone not using boost.

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To be fair, the term was in use long before Destiny existed.

But yes I agree, introducing RNG mechanics to Gears is a decision by which I cannot abide.

With boost you would be done in a week or two. Easy grind

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I’m not defending it but there is or at least seems plenty of time to achieve it. I do it with weeks and weeks to spare and I never use iron. I do reroll obviously.

Anyway op good luck with getting soon. :+1:

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Wow !!! Just wow.
I mean, did you really read this post, or glance it. At what part of this post was i complaining about the RNG… I was complaining about my awful luck with the RNG. But, i suppose i can understand your confusion.
The need for any game developer to use a Random Number Generator is at best lazy, at worst, plain cruel tot he player. In Gears, i would say laziness, for definate.

Conclusion. I have really bad luck with anything to do with chance. RNG is absolute grrrrrrrrrrrrrr

At what point do the Medals that award between 4-6 stars and the stars you get for simply playing involve RNG, Einstein?

I did not know that. But in all honesty, Destiny was the first game where the term originated for me.

You people don’t understand. The hardest part of the ToD is having to actually complete it because you’re forced to play Gears 5 every day.

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Did you really just ask that question.
If you did, then clearly it does not require an answer. And, as for the Einstein thing, i am guessing this is misplaced sarcasm. Maybe you should look up Random, look up the rewards for Tour of Duty and also Medals is a different thing.
If i offended you, then fine, but, i got to be honest with you here, you just made yourself look a right fool.

Sure thing, doc.

This is Classic.
Damn, please do not make me laugh like that again, my sides hurt.

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