Tour of duty reward question?

on my gears 5 it says week 7 of 17. once this reaches 17 of 17 the season ends and all the current tour rewards will NOT be buyable in the shop for iron after this, right?? also what does the (5 days) next to my 7 of 17 mean?

I think the days refers to the rank / leaderboard rewards etc. Each Operation also consists of smaller chunks of time where rewards are given out based on Versus ranks and leader boards. You should have noticed that you occasionally get stuff like gold/Onyx/diamond weapons etc, or extra XP. I’m pretty sure the days refers to this - for when one weapon ends and another begins.

The weeks is the overall time left for the whole Operation and TOD. The rewards won’t be available to earn or purchase and will be put away in TC’s vault. They might become available again in the future, but in the past TC rarely make vaulted items available again because it devalues (although they have done it before so it’s not impossible).