Tour of duty progression

is there anyway to get previous tour of duty items?
pretty bummed out not getting the UIR cosmonaut skin

At this moment, no. And nothing is planned.

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I used him for a bit as my main COG but my god he’s just too big :rofl::rofl:


looks sick tho

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You never will then. General-rewards remain vaulted. You’re not really missing out though.

RE size, agree also Palace Guard and Sraak, good looking skins though.


Trust me… UIR Cosmonaut is not worth it.

I remember when OP4 launched, I grinded like crazy to get to general rank to get my coveted UIR Cosmonaut skin.
When I finally unlocked that skin, I played a versus match with that skin. The character model in-game looks so BLAND that I was disappointed.

TC made the skin look so awesome in the OP4 trailer and also on the ‘picture’ of the cosmonaut on his card… that was a stark contrast to the in-game model.

The in-game model was terrible, that I only used him in versus only once. Never equipped him after that.

OP3’s ‘Armored Kantus’ general reward was worth it though. I still equip that skin time to time for versus matches.

I guess its just down to personal preference, because if you’re on about that ronin kantus skin :nauseated_face::face_vomiting: I hate it! :joy:

The fact anyone would chose that over the original grounded kantus skin is beyond me…

With the UIR cosmonaut skin I get to become ‘The Fury’ from Metal gear solid 3 with the addition of the scorcher… minus the jetpack :sunglasses:


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