Tour of Duty Op 8 - Goon

Hey everyone, I used to be active on this forum quite a lot but I stopped playing gears when I had kids so haven’t been in years and I’ve lost my old login,

Either way nice to play again even if it is the back end of gears 5. In the ToD under Tod Master, one of the Medals is ‘Goon - Get 5 or more kills without dying in a versus match’

It says I only have 4/5 even though I’ve been on 10 kill streaks and 0 deaths and finished the game that way in a dodgeball game complete with all players no bots. I’m also pretty sure I’ve surpassed 5 kills and finished the match with 0 deaths on more than one occasion but because the game never gave me the medal I assumed I did something wrong, Or bot kills when filling in for players didn’t count or something.

Can someone explain, am I missing something or is my ToD just not giving it to me for some reason?

Any thoughts are appreciated and its nice to be back, I did try search the forum but I only found posts of older ToD problems

Edit: Haha I don’t know what account its signed me into but I’m definitely not CozyArcher 10211 xD

Medal description is wrong. You need to get a 5 multi kill, quint. Multiple operations and this still hasn’t been fixed

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Classic TC


Thanks for the quick reply! At least I know how to get it now, I missed all of the operations up until now past op 2 which sucked so I wouldn’t have seen it come up before, I’m still figuring this game out tbh, seems like lots to grind for which is good, miss the ribbon war journal though.

Thanks again!

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I’m confused, do you need to get five 2 multi kills? Or a Quintuple kill?

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Quintuple ribbon. (Quint). Only 1 time