Tour of Duty not loading after horde

Everytime I play horde in a private lobby, whether it’s 5 or 10 waves, no matter how many, after I leave the match my tour of duty always says loading and won’t show my objectives or medals. I have to force close down the game and restart just to view my stuff. Only seems to be horde, it never happens after versus. Every single time and is getting super frustrating.

I get that often. I don’t quit out of the game, but do another match (Vs, Escape or Horde) and it’s usually back after that. But it is annoying.


Happens to me a lot too. Like Bloomy said, restart the game.

Or just sign out and sign back in.

Yeah, seems to happen to everyone if you’re in a squad. Rarely happens if I’m playing solo.

It happens me if I do the tour of duty straight after the reset. When I come out of pvp or whatever and go to reroll it won’t appear and I have to dashboard and restart. It comes back straight away after I do this.

It will probably be a fix on update 500 lol

Yeah, happens every now and then. I just keep on playing and it eventually works again.

It’s been happening from the beginning and they still can’t fix it,just annoying.

Load up a bot match then quit.

Should fix it.

This happens to me every single time I finish a Horde or Escape game. It’s not the biggest deal in the world, but Gears 5 is filled with all these tiny little issues that build up into an overalll frustrating experience.

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