Tour Of Duty needs to be takin off gears

Tour of Duty needs to be like gears 3. Everytime you level up you get something. You meet a requirement you get something. Not this BS where you have to do dailys to advance your tour. When the game is working you cant complete you dailys.


Finished tour of duty last Wednesday it’s not even that long


I work a full time job and raise a family still more than half way through the tour, isn’t too bad in my opinion. I believe it ends in what two more months?

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Honestly, it isn’t so bad. Sure Gears 3 had the better reward system but ToD is much better than that abomination they created in Gears 4. So a definitive step forward on TC’s part for that one.

Plus, most of the challenges in ToD can be “cheesed”, making you advance through the ranks at a ridiculously fast pace with no need to open your wallet to reroll a daily.

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When you trying to do three dailys that have to do with escape and you cant find one match theres a problem.

Solo escape on beginner. It’s easy as pie

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It doesn’t matter anymore I’m done with those dailys now.

introduced for cod/fortnite players…theres already too much in this game that isnt gears related.


Personally im doing this one for achievement but i doubt ill do the next ones. I mean i love Gears, right now its fine, i play a lot anyway and im fine with trying it all, but even then when i get stuff like “escape 5 past hives” im not fond at grinding 5 hives back to back. I rather play MP. I don’t mind 1 or 2, its an ok mode for sure, but im a MP versus guy and thats what i wanna play the most.

Today i had “kill 300 creatures” and “survive 35 waves of horde”, i don’t know if it meant 1 to 35 or i could had done 10-10-10-5 but i did it reluctently. I told myself “oh well at least im lev upping a character” but horde is something we used to do once a week with friends, otherwise its too long too boring.

Sure i could skip those ones, but if you don’t do an objective you need to manually make it go away. I wish it would auto reset by 8 pm when the new ones drop.

My point is today i came back from the gym, had to waste 1h+ in horde to do those challenges, had no friend to play with so got into a lobby of randoms, all but one quited and as a cherry on top at wave 37 despite me, the dude and 3 AI managing to survive by ourselves, i was disconected… (heard the game had problems today) so jeez thanks… lol. At least i kept my XP and my challenge was 35…

Anyway. I guess im grinding it more right now on the fear of not finishing it (due to achievement) and i may be able to finish it even going much slower on “OPERATION 2” but i don’t like this whole “gotta make sure to do stuff each day so i get reward”.

When you have…well… a life, you can’t play everyday all the time. This type of grinding may work with Fortnite kids, but for us adult… nah. Thanksfully i have no wife and kids… “LOL”


maxed it during the duoble stars event, went by pretty fast, and even before that, just from medals, got up to about 30/43.

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I’m not grinding this Tour (or maybe any Tour) since they’re isn’t really anything interesting to begin with… I just want to play the game, the way I want to play it. (Ranked/Horde) And not being ‘forced’ to grind for cosmetics by having to play stuff I don’t want to play.

Whatever I unlock during playing, I get. And whatever I don’t get, too bad…

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If I get 5 stars a day for a month I’ll have my Tour of Duty finished. Sure I can grind a little more and get more but I’ll take my time.

Tour of Duty is the best thing that could have happened to Gears in terms of microtransactions. I’ve been begging for Gears to copy the Fortnite model for years. It’s perfect because you can earn some nice skins to keep the free users content, and TC still gets money from the store.

The only negative right now with the Tour of Duty is that versus players get pretty screwed, since most of the dailies and medals require Escape/Horde.


i really like the tour of duty thing. its engaging with the dailies. gets me to try some new stuff out. same with the medals. and i can see the rewards upcoming. they arent all great but there are some cool ones and if you thought they all sucked you could just save your time and not bother without doing it and getting disappointed. plus they seem to give ample time to do it. im over half way and its only been a few weeks.

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I find it disheartening that when you start the tour it only takes 5 or 6 stars for each mini-rank in the tour, but as you progress it takes more and more stars per mini-rank. I think I am about 28 mini-ranks in? (I just got the Scared JD a couple days ago) It is now taking 12 or 14 stars per mini-rank.
Ugg…, I can only imagine how many stars it going to take for those last 3 or 4 mini-ranks in the tour.

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Disagree if you don’t want to grind don’t play or don’t worry about the rewards

Personally i could care less about microtransaction because i don’t buy them. But you you daily i stuck behind something that doesn’t work for a couple hours and you can’t do those dailys then the game needs some fixing. Gears 3 had the best free way to unlock things. If you want gears to have a battlepass like fortnite then go play fortnite.

This is overly simplistic and flawed logic

You make no sense. All you did is reply to my reply. Get out of here with that nonsense.

it doesn’t even take that long. Have a game time of 16 hours in versus and thats all it took me with doing a few daily challenges here and there and done 1 game of horde and a few escapes. So 20 hours to complete it in 3 months. Which is what 30 minutes a day? or less? If you dont have 30 minutes to play it every day I understand tho, it kinda forces you to play every day to reach it. image