Tour of Duty Medals

What do you guys think?

I’m wondering if these Medals will change, every Tour of Duty Operations. Or how long between each. It seems like a lot of work to do, as well as Achievements.

I’m not too keen on the Versus ones like 10 Escalation matches. But I would get them done first, ASAP.

Some would be easier to boost in Map Builder full of Juvies. Or Co-op vs AI.


The question is can this be done in Map Builder maps???

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No idea. But I was assuming if we could, then that would be best and fastest way.

It’s like Private Matches for Gears 3. It doesn’t have to be an Online Versus, Horde or Escape, does it? But I would prefer it did count for Map Builder Maps.

If you publish Maps for Escape, why shouldn’t Kills / eliminations or progress count towards Tour of Duty objectives or challenges or medals? It will seem pointless to do user created Maps if that’s the case.

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I get that this is supposed to be a grind and what not, but holy heck that might be too much for each unlock. Some people don’t want to play horde all day just cause they gotta get 1 million power or get 50 headshots with this specific character. I myself don’t even want to touch escalation, but it seems I dont have a choice anymore. Its like a mobile game model, make the stuff f2p but only if you do literally everything possible, or you could just drop $5 or $10 and have it now. The rewards themselves are decent though (although it’s kinda a headscratcher that the versus reward isn’t a character skin, but whatever)

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What makes this worse is that they are also timed exclusives.


Operation might be the new season, or the equivalent for the medals section. The second section has a week and a number; so, maybe there’ll be some time to get stuff finished. (170 weeks is approx 3.5 yrs though; maybe has something to do with the build).

Positive: I don’t have to bother with the ones that give emotes.

No, they will be forever earnable. It was stated yesterday in What’s Up.

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Skins of War.

I can already hear the howls of anguish, the grumbles, the incessant whining. I don’t want to play that mode. Timed exclsusives are BS. Grind is too much.

The descent into barbie doll gaming continues.

Meanwhile / thankfully there are still a lot of players who like Gears solely for the gameplay, which offers something very different to most other titles, and when done well, offers something superior to most other titles . Sadly, I suspect lots of those may well be very disappointed.

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I’m not crazy on weapon skins but this isn’t exactly cool for characters, and if skins in general really don’t matter that much to you then perhaps consider playing as a screaming banshee whose half naked and chubby with the personality of Oscar and no option to change it then we’ll see how long you’ll last before you get sick of it :wink:

“Perform 150 executions”

I never use executions lol. That’s going to be such a hassle.

Are we aware of a timeframe for the operation?

People do it all the time in Arcade. It’s best way to get 3 skull points.

Rejects are easy to execute in Escape or Horde.

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Only characters will be, nothing else.

Doesn’t the neck snap count as an execution? Takes 2 seconds to do. I’m more interested in chars and executions than weapons skins.

Not sure. I play Ranked versus almost exclusively and executions can get you killed. Much easier to pump in a bullet and move on.

So I’ll have to break that habit a bit if I want to get 150 executions.

Executions on Co-op vs AI should be easy.


To get it out of the way, that’s not a bad idea.

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Also another thing Gears 4 has the achievement of putting 1 million power into the fabricator that few people have considering it’s a rare achievement and this challenge is to just get 1 million so slightly easier, but not really considering this is time limited and the gears 4 one isn’t

I’m assuming that this time the power collected will include when other people pick it up.

So it may not be “as” bad as Gears 4, but at least the Scout is not an absolute requirement to get the achievement.

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