Tour of duty mastery

To get the goon medal you need to get 5 or more kills before dieing. It was working up until i got to 4/5. Ive gotten 5 or more kills multiple times in the same match and in multiple matches. Why is it not giving me my 5th and final one so i can collect the stars?

You need a Quint ribbon.


Ugg. This again.:unamused:

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Private match, swap weapons to relic retro and blast away.

While I do understand the “ugg” part of seeing this post repeat itself every couple of days, the blame lies on TC for being unable to properly redact a simple line of text that’s been causing confusion for players for several months now.

@batgrl88: to complete the medal you need to kill 5 players within 4 seconds of each other. The method @eviljas247 posted will do just fine.


I think it has to be in ranked / competitive not sure though

Nah, cause I got it, and I don’t play PvP.

No, i was doing X amount of kill daily in private and got the medal, managed to get the ribbon for 12 kills using relic retro.

Each kill has to be within 4 seconds of the previous.

Private KOTH match, set respawn timer as low as it will go, set weapon pick ups to relic retro Lancer, and just mow everything down. Easy to do on blood drive. You’ll get goat after goat medal. Can lock all the slots on your own team if you don’t want to fight for kills.

Kill streak ribbons do not show up in PvE. That is a known fact. I have played enough horde to get multiple kills with a boom rocket and got no ribbons.

You can get ribbons in custom PvP now so just create a custom 14 player FFA match and go nuts with your gnasher and you should get the Goon medal with a few tries.

I got mine playing vampire FFA though which allows 14 players.

Wow! I love you lol.

Sorry, meant against people. I don’t consider bots PvP, because it technically isn’t.

TC have made medals earnable in custom matches now so whatever option people use to earn them now is something we can’t argue over. If someone does it in custom vs someone doing it in competitive, the medal unlocking result stays the same.

No you don’t. I’ve already addressed this in the issues thread twice but my reply was deleted because “muh concise thread”. You just cannot die before you get 5 kills. Done in a single custom FFA with bots and kill requirement set to max.

Well, maybe you got a quint in that match?

I, and I am sure many many others have got 5 kills before dieing, many many times this OP, yet no popped medal for so doing.

I’ve had 5+ kill streaks this OP in both of the weekly events, and pretty much every day when I run a private custom to get any daily objective, yet no popped medal.

Then…it popped for me yesterday, shortly after I got a Quint medal…

In fact, prior to that, I distinctly remember the match when the progess on that medal went for 3 to 4…I got a quad that match, go figure.

Now maybe it did unlock differently for you. Maybe it didn’t. But flat out saying others are wrong when they can (and have) ONLY unlock(ed) the medal through a quint, it’s a bit ‘wah wah wah I’m right’. Hahahahaha.

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I don’t know then, TC could word these better in the UI.

The Busy Bee one specifically says Triple Kills.

For the one we’re talking about, I just took “get 5 kills without dying” literally, and avoided dying. Most I got was a triple.

Another ambiguous medal is the 5 executions in a single match 3 times… it actually has to be in a single round (if playing guardian) cos the medals goes by earning the Methodical ribbon in 3 different matches.

I got this playing Control just chainsawing bots in coop vs AI but a friend tried it in guardian and it didnt count until he did 5 in a single round.

If you want to really cheese this one., do everything mizzelphug listed, but set weapon pick ups to frag grenade. Run to the other spawn area, lob one frag, medal complete.

You won’t get your half dozens, 7 deadly shots, the ochos,niner niners, decimateds, unbelievables, and GOATs because spawn will swap. That retro can fire salvos up both sets of stairs from the center and even toward dropshot/scorcher area when ispawn switches back there.

But yes, a frag will get a quint if thats all you want.

Super easy

Private Arcade DM
Fill bots
Lock all your team slots so its a 1v5
Map: River
Team: can be any chars Cole or Myrrah

Tactic: Rush to the house go up the stairs and hide behind the first pillar kill one or two bots and theyll drop live incendiarys when they die, keep chilling behind the pillar and let the BBQ begin

I occasionally get two G.O.A.T.'s per 75kill game this way

Also a really cheesy way to get damage and any Versus daily done this way