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Tour of Duty is pretty great

I know you unlock it here at Captain III I meant in past games that didn’t have the Tour of Duty I believe Team Metal has always been a paid skin.

You get 250 Iron from this Tour of Duty and I’m not sure everybody starts with 500 iron of it’s just Ultimate Edition or some form of compensation for all the issues they had on release and it’s a play before X date sort of thing, but either way they probably won’t be giving out free iron for every Tour of Duty so it’s likely best to assume you don’t have iron to spend if you’re non-paid.

The Tour gives you 500 in total, first 100, then 150, then 250 near the end. The compensation was 500 scrap and days of boost. The 500 iron might be from the UE, i honestly don’t know.

Eh I didn’t pay much attention after Team Metal, Only go in for the basic color skins myself and actively dislike the flamboyant neon skins that are out there or the skins that they just blanketed something on top of them killing the textures of the weapon. I would go default but I like my things to match and all the default skins don’t match each other so I have to find the basic skins elsewhere and Team Metal fits that bill.

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I actually laughed when I saw Dwlr say “compensation”, I honestly didn’t notice =]
Also, I got 750 Iron day one (day one of Final Beta aka Early Access), I assumed it was for ordering the UE, but I’ve seen other people say that was 500, so no idea…
Dwlr makes a good point when saying Iron isn’t guaranteed in the next ToD, never underestimate the lows that a gaming company can sink to. Personally I hope they add more, but hope is also a dangerous thing… Getting off topic… I’ll stop.

One of the Road to Gears 5 challenges granted 250 iron, just fyi.

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To the Greeks there was no greater evil in the world than Hope and the one kindness Zeus bestowed when all evils were released from Pandora’s Jar (Yes it was a Jar not a Box) was that hope got stuck on the lip and was never released upon mankind. If you really think about it hope doesn’t get you anywhere, hoping doesn’t change the outcome and if your hopes are met it lessens the joy of getting some unexpected gift and yet when your hopes are dashed upon the jagged cruel rocks of reality it’s somehow far more crushing than if you just got dealt a poor hand expecting to be dealt one. A dangerous thing indeed.


I’ve enjoyed it thus far.

some problems I see with TOD

  1. It’s not well balanced for the playerbase.
    It’s all mixed together PVP challenges and PVE challenges. This could be made into player choices under each of the categories for the same reward. So PVE players doesn’t need to jump in a ranked VS game. And the PVP players doesn’t need to play escape/horde to get any rewards.
    And why not the choice of campaign challenges as well?

  2. It divides the playergroups that use to play together. So pvp players might play escape or horde alone while their online friends play koth. Because everyone are “working” on different challenges. Forces the players to play all the different gamemodes. Instead of having a great time together. “having 100 kills with the cryo canon” it’s a shore rather than a fun thing that comes naturally through gameplay.

  3. ‎It stresses people out to be able to finish the tour. Multiplayer games should be fun and a stress relief not the cause of it. People have enough ■■■■ to deal with on a daily basis.

Make it more player friendly, by giving the players some sort of choice and maybe even be able to select if they want to keep a reward category, even if it’s been 3 month. And refresh it when it’s done.

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Should’ve been renamed to: Tour of Grinding…

What happened to unlocking stuff by completing Campaign, leveling up etc? I bet most people on here (or everybody else who plays Gears) have jobs or other responsibilities, and can’t play every single day… (Or don’t want to)

Even if people would be grinding only during the weekends, you probably still wouldn’t be able to get to General at the end… Shouldn’t everyone being given a fair chance unlocking everything?

Can’t believe I’m saying this, but I’d rather have Gears 4’s RNG pack system, instead of this endless grind fest… :relieved:

It’s a nice idea in theory, but the stuff I’m grinding for is not worth it, and I’m sure most of the community feels the same way. Marks, banners, and expressions are what you’re most likely going to be unlocking, and these aren’t items that are exactly exciting to unlock nor do you really notice them in MP. I couldn’t even tell you what my current mark or banner are. It’d be nice to actually grind for unique characters and weapon skins considering there’s 13 years worth of characters at TC’s disposal, there’s not excuse on why there are so few currently available.

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Honestly feel the same way about preferring what Gears 4 had. Never paid a cent for any of the weapon skins or characters, but saving up for a particular character or opening supply drops and turning stuff you didn’t want or had duplicates of into scrap was actually entertaining.

The tour of duty system would be fine if it werent for the fact that it is time-sensitive.

I dont like how we are forced to spend all our time grinding out hours in this game non-stop for certain skins/emotes/etc. that we want before the 3 month period is over, or else we will lose access to that content forever. That is, until they decide to bring it back in the store and have you shill out real money for crap that was once free.

Time is the most important commodity a person has. That and money. The tour of duty system forces players to focus all their time on this game non-stop (when there are other games to play) in order to get content that will be gone forever if you’re not quick or dedicated enough to focus all your gaming hours on Gears.

The unlockable rewards in this game should always be there for players to earn at their own leisure.

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You just said it yourself. The best way to get free content in this game is to pay for it lol.

ToD is an atrociously bad content system. It’s time limited, Based on luck. Limits how much you can do in a day without paying. Charges real money. Grindy to the point of being a chore. And forces player to diversify large chunks of time in modes they otherwise wouldn’t. I’m sorry but if you defend this system you are telling TC it’s totally fine to completely disrespect your time and intelligence.


If you like playing PVE (mostly Horde), Tour of Duty is very easy and you will get it pretty passively. If you don’t, it will be hell. I’m lucky enough that I enjoy some PVE.

Also something I can confirm + Octus said it on Twitter: You don’t just get the Gnasher skins for the rewards - you get the skin for every weapon in the game. That makes it worth doing the dailies for me. I would have ignored it if the reward was just a Gnasher skin at the end.

Earn a star every so amount of exp earned…been saying this. Every other game that has a battle pass has this. Gears 5 is missing this!

Didn’t have any problem with ToD until I realized it was going to make me play Escalation NotLikeThis

These people and their posts, lol. Would be great if the rewards were characters and not skins for the pistol. Also, it would be great if it was not so time consuming. Come on man. Why is it so difficult for the Coalition to do this as G3? DAMN.

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Prescott, Golden Hunter, Golden Miner. Hello?!

I’m enjoying it, closing in on 30 medals atm. Need to stop playing horde and move to escape, i have all but 1 of the horde medals :joy: