Tour of Duty is pretty great

My stance on this game as a whole is I love the game both campaign and multiplayer, escape is great, haven’t tried much horde, but overall I love it. ESPECIALLY with execution back. My criticisms are small but consistent, which are “rifles are too strong” and “additional content is absurdly expensive.”

That said…I love Tour of Duty. A good grind that takes plenty of time but not prohibitively so (like seriously 3.0, worst achievement ever) stretching across multiple game modes with lots of things to do with some pretty decent content. The skin I’ve wanted all along is the desert Kait and it’s waiting for me at the end. There’s a skin for my favorite swarm character, a couple new swarm characters…I just think it’s fun to do and pretty well done. A lot of people have said they prefer Gears 3’s unlock system but like…guys, ToD IS the Gears 3 unlock system. And it refreshes every couple months? Awesome.

It’s just really well done. Again I have SOME complaints but TC gets credit where credit is due and ToD is great.

That said, does anybody have a breakdown of the stars required to reach each rank?


There aren’t new Swarm characters, just skins for existing ones, Swarm like the Cog will have additional heroes which will come with their own unique Arcade Loadouts since unlike the Cog they aren’t available in Horde or Escape.

They increase as the ranks go higher but a specific breakdown I’ve yet to see anybody have one though I imagine one will eventually come out when more people start finishing the tour of duty, but without paying that’s not going to happen for awhile. Just off the top of my head though I believe it’s 15 stars to get the Team Metal skin set from the rank below it, since I’m missing 9 from getting them and pretty sure I have 6 towards it.

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Gears 3 also didn’t require one to spend an extreme amount if time grinding tiny aspects of the game. If you wanted seriously 3.0, sure, but characters and weapon skins were a lot easier and upfront.


This is not mine. I found it here.

All credit goes to that individual.

Each Rank has 3 levels and so far each level needs the same amount of stars.

Private - 5* stars required. (total stars for rank: 15)
Corporal - 6* stars required. (total stars for rank: 18)
Sergeant - 7* stars required. (total stars for rank: 21)
Staff Sergeant - 8* stars required. (total stars for rank: 24)
Sergeant 1st Class - 9* stars required. (total stars for rank: 27)
Master Sergeant - 10* stars required. (total stars for rank: 30)
Sergeant Major - 11* stars required. (total stars for rank: 33)
Officer - 12* stars required. (total stars for rank: 36)
Lieutenant - 13* stars required. (total stars for rank: 39)
Captain - 14* stars required. (total stars for rank: 42)
Major - 15* stars required. (total stars for rank: 45)
Lieutenant Colonel - 16* stars required. (total stars for rank: 48)
Colonel - 17* stars required. (total stars for rank: 51)
Major General - 18* stars required. (total stars for rank: 54)
General - No stars required. Unlocks after finishing Major General III

The total stars required to reach each rank related achievement are cumulative and are as follows:

Corporal - 15
Sergeant - 33
Lieutenant - 204
Captain - 243
General - 483


Yeah it’s pretty good actually, the problem is there’s nothing worth grinding and it’s filled with crappy markers and banners. It will be much better if they fill it with character and weapon skins in Operation 2.


Christ alive. There’s only 262 stars from the medals. so that leaves 221 stars you have to get from daily challenges. I get maybe 6 stars from those on average and never spend iron for more so that’s like 36 days of daily challenges give or take to complete the tour of duty IF I end up doing all medals (which I won’t, because I will probably never master a hive and I can’t win escalation matches to save my life).

And all that hard work nets you a set of weapon skins.

If you don’t care about the rewards then why are you worried/upset about completing it?

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I really don’t care about skins. I just want the achievement.

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Kinda my point that its garbage all around. It’s a huge grind and barely worth it, and it’s slightly upsetting that TC thought this was a good idea. Completing beast mode on insane for savage theron for example was much more rewarding.


It’s not a good idea, it’s a great idea, you get stuff for just playing like we always wanted, they just need to fill the ■■■■ out of it with classic characters and weapon skins instead of useless markers and banners.
The game is only 2 weeks old and i’m already at 285/483 and 120 stars left from medals. I’m getting an average of 7 daily stars so according to my calculations i will be done with ToD in 2-3 weeks max (taking into account i work full time) and without paying a single penny.
The system is good and fair, you just suck at it because you gave up before you even tried.


Which is quite doable, each tour of duty is 3 months according to them so on average that’s about 90 days if you roll 1 star for every single roll of your daily challenges that alone is 360 stars so you actually only need to earn 123 stars from medals and do your tour of duty more reasonable however the daily challenges will award you more than 4 stars per day and it can be upto 12 per day without spending anything on it split the difference and say it average out to 8 and that’s 720 stars from daily challenges alone which gets you there by itself with plenty of flex mathematically if 483 is the correct figure than it’s not so bad at all for those players that really want to hit that Tour’s weapon skins they’re going to be able to whether they pay or not and any medals they earn will serve as an opportunity to potentially miss some of the daily challenges and still achieve the full Tour of Duty rewards not to mention completing full page each tour nets you items so people who really like customizations likely won’t want to pass them up anyway even if they didn’t need the stars from it. It is kind of silly they only list the Gnasher when they’re full sets though since that’s fairly unclear and assuming that all of them are always going to be like that when it may not always be the case might lead to disappointment. Chill, Team Metal, Team Rock and Battleworn however are indeed full sets.

I like the tour of duty because it gives me things to work towards even if most of the stuff I’m getting isn’t really worth it.

Hasn’t Team Metal always been locked behind a paywall? Never really paid much attention to skins as personally I really only liked the generic color block skins myself, but recall Team Metal being rather popular in past games and if it was locked behind a paywall previously and now it is conceivable earn-able I’d call that “worth it” at least for those that would have bought it in a previous game.

Perspective everybody has one on the value of what the rewards are worth to them personally.

No, you get it at Captain III, i just unlocked it last night.

There were a couple longer ones. Golden hunter and golden miner I think? Either way when I first looked I thought the grind here would be arduous but I’ve got decent progress in most of the categories, at least enough to believe I can finish by December. And I don’t play a ton, maybe an hour a night?

The medals could use a bit of balancing though, star wise I mean.
4 stars for Power Hoarder? C’mon!
The medal that requires the most ‘grinding’ grants the least amount of stars, that’s kinda whack… Or at the very least it’s outta whack.

Yeah I don’t disagree. It’s not perfect but I do like it. One commenter said it perfectly, to summarize “we got what we wanted, play to unlock.” Now granted not ALL the stuff is great, and nearly 500 stars is a ton. But at that point we are talking about balance more than system, and the system I am a fan of.


Disagree, I’m at Officer II with 21 medals. I’m still going to complete it I just wish what was being offered was more interesting and that the last 10% didn’t consist of grinding out daily challenges.


Doesn’t everyone get 500 iron from the start? I think the most optimal way to do this is by rolling at least twice a day (1 free, 1 for 10 iron) to end up with 5 challenges and 5-15 stars. Maybe you could even go for a third roll for 20 iron if you’re not greedy like me, considering you’ll get 500 iron by ranking up ToD anyway.