Tour of Duty is actually good...leave it alone!

As you can tell by the title, yes I do really like Tour of Duty.

It may seem like a ‘grind’ but it actually isn’t. You have 3 months to do it, which is more than enough time (in fact too much time).

PLEASE stop asking for Gears 4’s system back. RNG killed the game, RNG is legit so pointless and it does not incentivise anyone to come back to the game.

For those people thinking that it should be like Gears 3’s system…seriously? do you not realise that earning tour of duty medals in Gears 5 is the EXACT same system that was used to unlock stuff in Gears 3? for example the kantus in gears 3 required a certain amount of revives. Medals are the exact same, they just add more requirements, making it harder.

So back off…your complaining is going to ruin it!


The only issue I have with it is the “Win 10 games in X game mode”

If they insist on having these types of medals it needs to be “play 10 matches in X game mode”. I want to complete the medals but I can’t stand Escalation 2.0 and TDM (camp fest). 10 matches is enough and if you lose any it doesn’t count.

You could say don’t go for it then. Which is exactly what I’m doing (or not doing). I play games to enjoy them and no skin/emote is going to force me into game modes for an extended period of time that I can’t stand.

I’d actually prefer more unique challenges with only one of them being about victories. Instead of 10 victories in each mode why not so 40 victories in any ranked mode?


I like the tour of duty overall as is but the rewards are complete ■■■■


I’m having a wonderful time completing TOD. My only concerns is … if for some reason I’m unable to complete the tour, I wont be able to unlock the respective rewards in the future. Yes, most of the rewards are trash, but still, there are some good ones.

You said that TOD is the same that GOW 3 medal system, but no, GOW 3 would allow yo to unlock the character or the mutator you wanted at any time you want. TOD only gives you 3 months. It may sound like a lot of time, and probably It is, but still, nothing like taking your time to unlock stuff.

Like I said, I like this system better than the GOW 4 RNG system, but It could be a lot better about the rewards.


It needs some tweaking I think. I’m not sure what exactly. Blood sprays and banners should go I reckon as rewards. They do seem pointless, even marks but you at least see them often.

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Agree! The rewards are the worst I’ve ever seen…

You sound like a escape player or horde … These boring / annoying challenges are only good for pve …

The fact that i could earn things by playing modes i enjoy in gears 4, made it Far more superior & enjoyable unlocking system … RNG was annoying but it was WAY WAY WAY better than current system …

Im forced to play escape on beginner everyday to actually do my objectives & unlock things … Its BAD ! Terrible !


I earned every Gear Pack item in GOW4 for free, since we could stack infinite amounts of Credits, by simply playing Versus. Skins like Islander Lahni and Cab Driver Mac in Gears 5 would normally be Gear Pack skins in GOW4, and I’d already own them. They cost 1000 Iron ($10) each in Gears 5, I’d have to complete Tour to be able to earn just 1 of them.

That’s also only because they started me with 500 Iron. It’ll normally take 6 months to earn 1000 Iron. Tour and Supply are things that would be in the regular Series 1-3 supply in GOW4. There’s tons of filler Banners, sprays and of the few skins, they’re regular base skins. You can’t be serious about this being better than in GOW4. You can’t even earn flags, it costs $7 for a flag! Lol, wtf.

This system is way more predatory, and it seems moving forward it’ll be the same, tons of the cooler skins that would normally be in GOW4 Gear Packs will be in the store for $-only Iron, while mainly base skins will be a part of Tour, stuffed with near-duplicate looking banners and blood sprays and marks.

In GOW4, you were rewarded for playing more, with Credits. So, for anyone willing to grind for Credits to earn enough to unlock everything free, this new system is a joke. Just straight to $-only for the cooler stuff. It’s sad anyone could be fooled into thinking this system is better, because of the lack of RNG.


Finished it last night, wasn’t as bad as everyone says.

this is just extremely bias and misguided… What a disgusting post…

and also… the RNG in gears 4 was WAY more rewarding and generous and not to mention cheap… compared to games like ESO, Halo 5, Smite, literally anything… Gears 4 has the BEST RNG system from what I have come across…

So you like getting useless filler such as blood sprays, banners and marks? There’s literally 5 or less items most people want in there. It’s a joke of a system designed as “free content”.


Gears 3’s medal system allowed you to actually display the medals you unlocked to the public. Unique medals such as pyro master or heavy weapons specialist were actually cool to earn. What do you get for earning them in Gears 5? Stars that progress you rank, so you can get crummy rewards. You’re literally grinding for nothing, buddy. Gaining scrap in this game is worthless, because all you can craft with it are blood sprays, marks, banners, and expressions. All the current character skins can’t be crafted, and there’s less than a handful of weapon skins that can be. Earning credits in Gears 4 actually had meaning, because it allowed you to craft weapon skins and characters/skins that you wanted to at will. You could also destroy stuff you didn’t want such as bounties, skill cards, weapon skins, and characters. Concept of TOD is good, but I’m sure the overwhelming majority of players will agree with me when I say that it’s trash. “Can’t wait to earn my COG mark!”


Honestly the only major annoying thing for me is mastering the hives in escape because I don’t have any friends who play Gears so I’d have to try this with randoms which makes it like almodt impossible

Just because it’s not RNG doesn’t make it good. It could still be much better than it is.

My only issue is people getting objectives like win a match on asylum and when the maps come up and asylum isn’t one of them then they back out and quit.

The rewards could be better, the game could be better at giving us decent content in general. The idea of it is fine (although, idk about that time limit).

The store could also be better.

Gameplay should incentivize people to come back. That is where these companies go wrong. You make and amazing game people will play. Maybe they need to stop relying on these things to keep people playing.

I honestly agree with leaving the TOD alone.

I haven’t cared about it from day 1, and I don’t want to start caring.

Blood sprays and banners need to only be in supply drops. Rewards for playing should be rewards, not filler.