Tour of Duty idea post season 8

each new season we could be allowed to select and old tour of duty to grind. i skipped seasons like 3-6. it would be nice to be able to grind for the items,skins, expressions, etc that i can’t get now. the new tour gives me zero motivation to play. iron and coins really don’t do me any good when all i really want is skins from the old tours. or make those old tour items available in the store for coins and iron. one or the other.

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Every old tour item (except general rank) is supposed to become available for purchase via gears coins at some point, so I very much do think the current operation’s iron/coins are worth it if you’ve missed operation 3-6.

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Personally I’ve got the content I wanted so it’s more useful to get the coins and iron.

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I finished this new “ToD” in 9 days, I too think they should make it optional which ToD you do the first time you log in after a new ToD reset, 1-8 or the coin/iron, then you’re locked in till the next reset.

Gears 5 has been all over the place, some pref earlier Ops tunings ECT but now with another balance shift that seems to be well recieved on the whole I think they shouldn’t of been so quick to wrap G5 up, we have atleast 2 years now of the season of Coins an Iron, but all I see is wasted potential, get the most use out of the existing assets you can imo…

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I don’t agree. I see nothing wrong with the current automated ToD for coins and iron.

If you missed the previous ToD’s and the reward content—tough luck. That content should remain, at the moment, as a reward exclusively for players who completed those past ToD’s.

There’s a lot of content that is currently unavailable to current players, it’s wrong in my opinion to start cherry picking what content should become available again.


Letting players choose to run an old ToD doesn’t exactly undermine the idea of keeping those skins exclusive to players who’ve completed said ToD.

So you’re saying that all previous content should become available?

You’ve missed my point.

Where do you stop? I want Master skins, when are they going to redo that? I want such and such skin from a past PVP event I missed, when are they going to redo that? Etc. etc etc. If you missed them, tough.


I’m saying why should you make some past content available and not all?

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I’m confused, do you want them to make old content earnable again or not? You must already know TC is planning to release most previous tour and store content, but not everything.

I prefer the iron and coins over some skin that I really don’t care about or want. I hang onto the iron and save it when skins I want are available.

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