Tour of duty idea is killing The player base

ToD is terrible, but not so much that it turns me away.
Hero system is a total joke causing drip-feeding of new characters because they all need to be specifically tuned.
Inconsistent connections, hit registration, etc. are much larger deterrents that kill the game.
Superficial cosmetics are lazy and unimaginative and offer no motivation to continue, whatsoever.

re-up 17??? Bruh save some for the rest of us…

I don’t even pay any attention to it. I’m not gonna play Horde or Escape so there’s probably no way I would ever get it done.


What they should do is just release a bunch of characters that they know the community wants, and only allow the ones with abilities to be used in the modes that need them. This isn’t Rainbow 6, the number of characters we get shouldn’t be limited by the rate at which they come up with new abilities and characters to give them

I dont see how Tour of Duty would kill the base. There is barely anything worth grinding for. I just play Gears because i want to play a cover shooter, not for some bogus cosmetics. Is it cool to be able to customize some things, sure. But i wouldnt put myself through doing something i dont want to for anything in that Tour of Duty. Its really just there as a bonus for playing.

It’s not the tour, reliable and consistent weapons would do wonders for this game if they ever get going and fix the core game people might slowly start playing again.

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I’m not fine with the TOD, I disagree with T0NYHAYABUSA. Some we need to work and there are days and weeks that we can’t play. Grinding is unhealthy.

NWhat kills it for me is that the ■■■■■■■ objectives don’t reset after a day anymore. Now you are stuck with them until you complete them which is ■■■■■■■ impossible when they give you objectives for characters you don’t ■■■■■■■ have. I’ve had three of those at the same ■■■■■■■ time and when I reroll guess what? It took 3 days to reroll a single one into something I could actually complete.

I’m not spending premium currency on rerolls that don’t guarantee I won’t be ■■■■■■ over when I do so. What was wrong with them resetting once a day? That’s the whole point of it - so a daily player could get through it by virtue of playing daily and completing the objectives.

I’ve supported this game, I finished the first tour and I probably would have done so here, but this is just a little too much for me to put up with. I could grind medals but I don’t think I can justify wasting that kind of time. All I want is that guided baird and I’d be happy. Should have been there by now with my medal count and the assumption I’d get an average of 5 stars a day from daily objectives. Obviously that isn’t happening.

I mean who is forcing you to grind for a bunch of useless crap?

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Tod is really annoying because if you want to get everything you have to play modes you don’t like. If you are a pvp player only you are banged. If you are a pve only player you still can play against bots.

Plus you get challenges for characters you don’t heave unlocked.

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I stopped with Tour of Duty when I realized it is a bite size version of Medals. Focus on medals. You’ll complete + unlock things faster.

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Exactly. It’s all cosmetic.Even the iron used in the store. It won’t bump your skills.

I’m findng it a real chore

I completed the TOD last Op. and I’m over halfway in this one…But I don’t want to play cruddy horde or dead out escape…MUST thy make us play vs arcade…REALLY!!!

It’s (if you want to complete the TOD) almost like I have to do some homework instead of play and have fun. It’s a dumb idea and pretty lazy to if you ask me. Make your game great and guess what,…people will play and play and play…you know…like those little games Gears 1 2 & 3.

Instead TC are using blackmail tactics in the hope that people will play. I have to play otherwise I’ll never get that terrible fist bump emote (insert equally poor reward here)

TC have completely shafted the Gears world with no lube…atleast they spat on it with 4.


Agree with original post, I literally stopped playing after seeing the abysmal rewards for not just the TOD but also the medals - the amount of work you have to do just to be rewarded with an emote or spray… no thanks! I completed the first TOD and was actually looking forward to the next but TC made it too much hard work for little reward. It completely put me off and I haven’t played once this season coupled with all the other issues in the game - especially KOTH I’m taking a long break from the game. I hope one day that the issues are fixed - unlikely, but a girl can dream right…? :rofl::rofl:

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I don’t understand why people think they have to grind to reach general rank, this OP is easier than the last one. I’m already approaching Colonel III and only did a bit of grinding during the holidays. I could have easily spread that out all the way towards OP3. *Added note: I don’t use boosts, so no extra stars for daily rewards as well.

I do agree with other people that the rewards aren’t great. But apparently, that’s also due to people complaining that they don’t want to do horde or something else to get a character skin so yea, you end up with stuff like blood sprays and marks.

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Well, no… I don’t believe that is the problem…

They built crap into the system with the point of nudging people towards using real money… THAT is what annoys the frack out of me… It’s not about playing…

They KNOW people have very specific interests in Gears… They KNOW (because they have a hard on for data collection and mining) that most people do either Versus, OR Horde OR Escape… But they throw in RNG objectives (RNG, their favorite pet approach) across all modes, AND they charge you money to ask for different ones…

They limit the number of objectives you can get for free in a day, artificially - there is no reason for it. if I want to put in 10h of game play for my objectives, why can’t I do 10h in one sitting, why do I have to do 2h/day for 5 days? If I want to do the former, I have to pay them real money… Why this slow down? Either it’s not allowed, or it is allowed… They made it “it’s allowed, AS LONG AS YOU PAY US”. So it’s NOT about earning it through game play… It’s playing in a system where they are using everything possible, using the insider knowledge of player habits, to nudge people towards spending real money, even when working on earning things “through game play.” LIke we’re stupid, or something, and won’t recognize what’s happening.

Objectives which are not possible to even attempt by choice, where you have to get lucky with their RNG (RNG again, right?) map selection…

Rewards which are basically crap, on average… I mean, come on… signs??? Expressions? Banners? WTF… And let’s not forget NO CHARACTERS in ToD! None! Only skins, and you have to have those characters already…

I was excited by the novelty of ToD in OP1, I made General, and I really liked the final weapon skin sets. I was getting pretty demoralized towards the end, but when i saw that (a) it was a full set, and (b) it was really nice, I kinda felt the whole OP1 ToD was worth it…

Now, in OP2 - I see next to NOTHING that’s actually good/interesting… Work out Fahz?? 3 skins for the DeeBee which are hardly unique or difference (Deadeye vs Deebee? Really?)
The ONLY reward I thought was cool were the 2 Baird skins - classic and Gilded, because I hate how the new Baird looks… So yeah… but I got one of them very quickly, and then, really, there was nothing else I thought was worth it… Those freezing weapon skins - I guess they are kinda ok, but don’t excite me…
Give me the Lambent weapon skin set, and I will work for those, haha… LOVED that…
I’m about 10 stars away from finishing General and getting that blood speaker - which I have absolutely no interest in, at all… I will, likely, never use it, I will never equip it…

So I will finish the OP2 ToD out of habit and momentum, not out of any real interest…


Gears has always been grindy. But it’s Gears 5 that is killing the player base. It had an awful launch plagued with issues and Gears 5 just hasn’t felt like a new Gears game, it feels more like DLC for Gears 4 with gimmicks added on and a lot of what was in Gears 4 taken away. .

The Tour of Duty made the game slightly more playable for me, because it was something to work for and their were rewards to unlock. Though expressions, marks, and bloodsprays don’t interest me at all, and if I could scrap them I would.

Escape was kinda fun at first, but when all the other multiplayer modes are 5 players on a team and they have an achievement for getting to Level 5 Allies with 4 other people, but this mode is only 3 people, plus the loading screens taking forever, it lost it’s appeal fast. Plus playing player created maps don’t count toward the ToD or daily challenges and they don’t get you any cards, rank XP or character XP, so I see any point in playing those or creating my own maps to play.

Horde, while still enjoyable if you are playing with people who know what they are doing, I think has ruined (when compared to previous Gears games) by them adding perks and not allowing duplicate characters, as well as locking characters to a specific class. Plus they changed how the fabricator works, i’m glad that only the Engineer can really build and upgrade anything, as it stops others from wasting power, but now unless you are playing with people who know what they are doing, it’s rare to see power put into the fabricator to that the Engineer can build anything. Everyone keeps it of their perks, which really don’t make all that much difference. But at least people can’t horde power anymore by being the person who picks it up first, it gets evenly divided among the players no matter who picks it up. But the AI bots are beyond dumb and are not helpful at all when you don’t have a full team of 5 real people.

All the versus modes are still essentially the same, it’s just a wall bouncing gnasher fest like always regardless of which game type you enter. You can slap a new name on it and a different win requirement, like Arcade or Free For All, but people still just use the gnasher and no mode feels all that different from the other. Some just take longer for the match to be over than others. And custom versus matches don’t count toward ToD or daily challenges, so why bother with those, as again you don’t get any rank XP from them either.

All in all, I feel Gears 5 took everything that players enjoyed about Gears 3 & 4, and replaced it with everything players hated about Gears Judgement.

Choosing what character you want is a must, however, i do think that it is the Class that should have been restricted, not the character.

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Tour of Duty is not the issue imo, the way you progress after playing online is turning players away. I barely play online anymore but I still love Gears it’s always been my favorite. I just hope something exciting happens like OVERRUN if they gonna have Characters with set Weapons and Skills.