Tour of duty idea is killing The player base

Is it just me ir tour of duty is achieving the opposite result TC wanted? Their goal was to keep everyone engaged in the multiplayer but they made it so grindy that it actually is desmotivating players, making the gears multiplayer (wich I love) a chore.
I just needed to vent, I’m really dissapointed because I can never find a rancked match and actually play the game :confused:


I’m fine with the TOD. Right now for me, it just has nothing good in it. I’m not playing because there are a lot of other better games out there right now. Also, not a fan of horde and MP so.


Its not just the Tour that is killing the player base but the game as a whole.

The hero system, the grind to General, the lack of content, the bugs, the updates that fix 1 thing and break another, ect

The hero system is the biggest issue for all multiplayer types. Because of this system Horde, VS and Escape wont get new characters until they have their own abilities which is a joke

I dont think people would be upset with the hero if it wasnt character locked


They way TC hyped up this Operation and it being such a let down makes me really eager to see whats in store for Operation 3 “The sh^t that should have launched”


They will have to pull a rabbit out of a hat man and have Ops 3 to be spectacular with at least 6 characters in it that we are asking for, get rid of the blood sprays and perhaps add more iron. If they keep having the Ops just sub par, then I don’t see Gears 5 making it this year. I don’t know about anyone else here but when CyberPunk comes out, I may just uninstall Gears 5 and say see you later. The Last of Us and Ghosts of Tsushima coming out real soon too for PS4, I will be busy with those games and not even think about Gears anymore.


I liked the concept at first but it’s seriously putting me off gears.

Win map on x, y, z is tedious as is get eliminations with such and such characters. I just want to play the game how I want and not how TOD wants me to play.

Yeah I get you don’t have to do it but if it’s the only way to unlock things then hey ho.

Gears 3 had a similar medal system but it was not timed or anything and you could do the medals at your own pace.

Feel like Gears sold its soul just to keep up with the fortnite and COD crowd.


I like the fact we can unlock things for free but it does ruin it, spend a while getting stupid objectives thst I usually can’t get while playing koth is just annoying, I don’t wanna have to keep going onto escape or horde just for objectives, I love hours of koth with a sprinkling of guardian


Certain aspects of the Tour of Duty are annoying, but it’s not a big enough deterrent to me playing and enjoying the game.

The biggest issue I have with it is that the objectives should be able to be set for whatever we like to play. For example, I don’t like Escape, so when I get Escape dailies, it’s pointless. I’m just going to re-roll. And my next issue is the map ones. Just make it a generic “Win 3 matches”.

Tour of duty is fine. It’s the medal requirements that are annoying. The unlockables shouldn’t be exclusive to game modes. I mainly play pvp and the thought of grinding horde and escape over and over and over for some of the expressions and skins is depressing lol.

I decided I only want to play game modes I enjoy for long periods of time and I accept I won’t be getting some skins. I know some daily’s are mode based but most are not and it’s even easily possible to ignore horde and escape daily’s and only do pvp daily’s and still complete tour of duty in the time period.

At least with tour of duty you can unlock everything by playing the game modes you enjoy playing as eliminations etc count on all modes.

No, but some of the content is lackluster.

Only ones I honestly wanted were the “Boo” and “Fist Pump” Expressions and Baird. Luckily most of the skins and stuff are in the TOD and not the medals so I can just keep doing dailies and play like normal for myself.

The TOD is definitely not the reason why everyone stopped playing.

I wouldnt say its demotivating. It can feel like a chore if you follow it religiously. If you take your time with the Tour, it’s not that bad.

The main problem I have with the ToD is when you hit General. There is no motivation to play the game afterwards, only medals and XP.

Like me and other people have suggested, have stars add up to scrap, or supply, or if all else fails XP, when you hit General. It gives incentives for the daily objectives after you hit General.

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Even if someone doesn’t like the ToD (personally I love it) kill the player base? Who out there is like “I actually like this game but I won’t play it because ToD.”?

@Circa_Darkrage unfortunately thats where people are killing their own interest in the operation system as they hit General without completing the medals. Then whining that the medals dont give you anything like XP or scrap is just a stupid excuse. If people understand the system and know how to make the most of it, then everyone will learn how to be smart in progression.

I have basically done everything that is possible at this point and have just hit Major General 3. I held off daily objectives to avoid having medals not count their stars towards ranking up.

I am not much into PvP but I consciously worked on the versus medals first due to the increased number added and the hard ones like FFA wins being a pain to get.

I am well on course to 100% operation 2 after doing that in operation 1.

It puts me off as it’s far too grindy for the mediocre rewards, but it’s not the only thing killing the player base. Bad launch with a ton of issues, Game Pass players not renwing or going to the next game, there’s better games out there with a lot of great ones dropping in the next few months, rank issues and more if you read the forum. I don’t like ToD but it’s not the only reason.

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Apart from the Baird skins, which should be on launch to begin with, everything else is boring. Its worse than Operation 1.


I honestly preferred the Gears 4 system over this garbage. They should’ve done the TOD the way the Black Op 4’s system was.


How is it grindy? I’ve made no attempt to go out of my way for the tour and I’m about to get gilded Baird. This is exactly what the players wanted. They said they didn’t want RNG packs like in gears 4. So TC gave them earnable stuff. Now everyone is crying that it’s too much work. Sometimes you really can’t please anyone even when you give them what they ask for.

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40 000 iron!?


He is clearly the type of whale this game is tailored too. The rest of us need to accept that we will not get all the content unless we spend or grind or do both like in his case.