Tour of Duty - I know there are other topics, but visibility is key

The progression system for the tour of duty is wack.

This really needs to be adjusted . No one with a life is going to make it through a full tour. The medals are the biggest boost and most of those have insane requirements as well for a 3 month period. you could play every day for 3 months, have crap rng, and still come no wheres close to completing a tour.

The rate of progress makes sense imo. I think it’s a good thing that only the most diligent players will reach the highest ranks and receive the most exclusive rewards. However, I agree that the objectives and medals could use some reworking. Many of the objectives make no sense in terms of the star reward relative to the difficulty, and many of the medals are far too grindy.

If you do the math, it’s pretty close to impossible to actually reach the top ranks. You literally have to play every single day and pray you don’t constantly get 1 star objectives.

On the plus side, the rewards aren’t that great so I mean it could be worse.

It’s seems like you disagree, then agree.

Also, diligent and the not so diligent paid for the game. All of our money are equal.