Tour of Duty, ends late nov-early dec

So I guess tour 1 ends around late nov- early december. Turns out when you look at your TOD you see your tour week, medal week, and days left for vs rewards. So there is 3 diff things listed there.


That’s an error. It ends in three months.

I hope your right about that. In the words of Han Solo I got a bad feeling about this.

Kait’s winter skin only comes with the Kait controller or the gears 5 xbox one x btw.

That’s the Ice Kait skin you’re thinking of. Winter Kait is part of the medal progression.

How many people out there need to post about this? It’s a glitch and has been stated everywhere that it is 3 months and what is currently displayed is glitched.

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There is another under the tour of duty or medals as well just doesnt have cool glasses.

If you don’t get the content during the Operation does that stuff hit the store afterwards or is it just lost?

Tour of duty lasts 3 months. The time you are seeing is relating to when awards for leaderboards in escape and versus are given out. It is poorly displayed and Octus has flagged this issue to the team.

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Dear Lord, immediate headache when I log in to forums!

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From the video they posted to explain operations, the items will no longer be obtainable.

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absolute bs.
Still, 15000 eliminations, 15million damage and 9k kills for a BRONZE medal skin … What the hell.

Bronze medal? There isn’t bronze medals, they’re just medals. There’s no silver medals afterwards.

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Yeah, a lot of the medals are ridiculous and I think it’s disgusting that we have to pay to keep grinding. Keep in mind after the first challenge reset, you need to pay the Coalition 10-50 cents to keep grinding their game. At least give us a consistent way to earn Iron in game.


I saw the video but my displays seven days so I was assuming they were planning to reset them all for the actual release date. Just didnt make sense why it only says seven days.

They recently posted on Twitter stating that the 7 days is for the Leaderboards. We have 3 months for ToD

Why is is it posted for TOD ?? Weird. Thanks I feel a little better about it all.

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It doesn’t even give u the reward sometimes either

It ends at the beginning of January. (17 weeks from September 9 is January 6th).