Tour of duty dumb win a versus game in X map challenge

The challenge to win a versus match in X map should just be win a versus match. I have been playing for 2 days and only play once in the daily map challenge (Asylum). It just dumb to make a specific map a challenge, i have quitted a ton of quickplay games to get the map and it doesnt work, i have finished quickplay games and it doesnt get in rotation to vote

Happened to me the other day. I needed Exhibit and I had to go to Ranked to find it and won luckily.

I will try ranked instead, thanks

I had the same thing. I decided to time it, I was just going to do arcade quick play until I got what map I wanted, and if I didn’t get it i would quit try again. Needed exhibit. I gave up after 45 minutes.

I would play Co-op and get the maps rather quickly but Exhibit never came up for me which is odd. Of course the day after though when I needed an X amount of elims, it came up on Co-op…go figure…Don’t forget though, don’t play the objectives tonight, save them for tomorrow since the double stars come out. You can get 8 objectives worth double stars man.

Had that last week with Vasgar. Used my free roll because it would not spawn…

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Actually this isnt as difficult as it sounds. It works in Coop vs AI, set on beginner difficulty. The issue with waiting for map rotation is there is a chance that you wont actually win and you will always win on Coop vs AI! You can choose to stick with the rotation and vote for the map you need as soon as it appears (folk rarely vote in this mode so your vote will probably swing it) or you can just join and leave repeatedly until you get put into the map you need (leaving isnt an issue in this mode either)