Tour of duty daily objective Re-Rolls

Tried to use search function and didn’t come up with too much, but I noticed this operation implemented the ability to (I’m assuming) reroll TOD objectives as many times as you want.

First few ops I didn’t reroll -let alone try and complete- objectives or general medals, and made it to general in a month at most. Then I didn’t play versus as much. Then I stopped playing escape altogether…

… and well… seeming as I’ve had iron, I’ve been rerolling more this operation and noticed that it keeps letting me get new ones. Seems like even as recent as OP5, it would let you reroll four? First free, then 10, 20, and lastly 30 iron per roll.
I’ve been spending about 200 iron a day now because it no longer limits the number of daily rerolls.
(That’s a total of 100 iron)
Then 50x???

I reroll two more times a day. Sometimes it’s definitely no worth it with the RNG of objectives- but since I’m about tapped on medals- it’s still faster than playtime alone.

I don’t recall it being in any patch notes since this OP was kind of barebones and I tend to notice the QOL stuff and obvious gameplay changes. Probably missed it.

Reroll has remained the same I believe.

@Lambent_Lail could say for sure.


I could’ve been more stingy with iron for rerolls during previous ops, but I seem to remember getting stopped after 30 iron spent, then had to wait for the 24 hour reset.

It’s possible I always saw the 40 iron and decided that was too rich for my blood… but I swear there had to have been at least a couple times where I’d cheese objectives in solo customs for two waves back to back and would hit a wall on resets. Especially during legend ranks for quick coins.

Haha quite frivolous either way, but if you’ve got boost and iron—— no barriers either way aside from time.

Far as I know there has never been a limit for Tour objective rerolls per day. It would cap out at 50 iron even in Op 1 but no hard limit imposed.

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I recall rerolls maxing out at 50 iron since OP1 and you could reroll infinitely. I believe its been that way since. I haven’t done too many paid rerolls since then.

Play and work on the medals and the dailies and you’ll get to General pretty quick if that’s what you’re going for. I’m at Major General IV this season and haven’t spent any iron and it’s only be a few weeks into OP6.

I recall paying the 50 iron several times and getting a one star challenge. Once you realize it’s not worth it , you won’t pay anymore.