Tour of duty challenges block behind game modes

Why do we still have challenges that can only be done in a specific game mode, i dont want to play arcade and other modes, Also they give 1 stars to challenges that take a bunch of time, not all people like evey game mode or have the time to grind stupid challegnes

Sounds like you need some encouragement ?

If you don’t like those modes just cheese, there’s always going to be an efficient strat out there so you can rack up medals

Not as bad as my first challenge was to get 5 kills with Baird … Like what TC not everyone bought your bundle


This is what I got today. Do 2 Escape chapters on Insane for 1*. All the rest are also 1*. I thought they made these better. I had way better challenges and more stars in TOD 1.


I had to jump into VS to complete alot of the challenges given to me and honestly its like they know I dont play VS at all and rarely give me co-op challenges as in Horde or Escape to complete. I like the challenges and all but the rewards for some if not alot of what you have to do are are just ****

One run of descent EASY lol

Easy for you, because you probably play Escape a lot on a high level. I only do Insane on my own on Beginner just to finish challenges or to finish new hives for the Leader board placement XP every week. I can’t even try it on my own on Insane either, because on Custom you have to unlock lower difficulties first. So all the trouble is not worth it for 1*. I used the free roll and got 35 Assists challenge finished it quick with Jack in Horde on my own with just bots. It was also for 3*'s.

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