Tour of Duty 3 suggestion

More characters (no variants), Not many marks and blood spreading
More skins in 1 set
Better rewards in medals section of Tour of Duty.
M A P S!

I wanna be optimistic, I really do!

But I have a feeling I’m going to be disappointed once they release it… :pensive:


Same, I hope not :frowning:

They have said Tour of Duty will only be for character skins so you may be out of luck trying to get them to put an actual character in there.


We’ll get a few characters which will be unlockable for the totem system when Operation 3 drops, but aside from that, the TOD character rewards (for both ranks and the medals section) will be character variants for characters already in the game at that point. Some will probably be for the new as-yet-unreleased characters. Not sure who we will get, but I suspect two out of Paduk, Cole or Clayton Carmine; and Locust Grenadier and one other Locust/Swarm (maybe Skorge or Myrrah?)

You also may have seen some leaked images of a few new skin variants - there’s a Samurai-themed Ronin Kantus; Helmetless COG Gear; DeeBee Industries Baird; Onyx Guard Keegan and the Construction DeeBee. Not sure if they will necessarily be TOD rewards - some could easily be store items for all we know.


I agree with the last word of your post.


All your suggestions ain’t gonna happen if they haven’t done it already.

Better hope they are there then.

They mentioned that everything is pretty much done for TU3 (Before delaying) So IDK if they’re using the extra time for more content…or just debugging so they don’t screw up what already works.

They are using the extra time to fix the core game.

It’s alright having a huge drop of content, but if the core game is still buggy, it won’t make a difference, people will leave before they try the content.

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