Tour of Duty 3 glitch?

So, in lockdown, I spent 50 bucks and got iron so i could complete the tour… However, some of the rewards are still locked even though they say that it is in the tour of duty 3… For example, the homerun execution… I completed the entire tour 3, but yet it is still locked… ??? Anyone know why that is?

Try restarting the game, and if that doesn’t work…

@GhostofDelta2 can give you a support link.

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Edit: I misread as the OP saying that it should have unlocked.

Gonna copy this link so I can be more “helpful.”

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Other than showing as “ToD 3 unlockable”, there is no info anywhere regarding the requirements needed to acquire the homerun execution. You don’t get it by reaching general nor by any medal right now.

There is even a medal for ranked gridiron even though that mode does not have a ranked version yet.

My guess is it will be a reward for a special event, it happened in previous operations where a new tab would be created for a time limited medal that gives you a special reward.