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Tour Of Duty 2 Banners All Wrong

@N0DEZER0 @TC_Octus

So just noticed that all the banners in tour 2 are wrong.

The sergeant 2 banner has the corporal logo on it, the officer 2 banner has the sergeant major logo on it, and so on and so forth.

The only correct banner is the General 2 banner.

Also as a side note why are there 6 banners that are in the game but are currently un-obtainable?
(Enlisted I, Private II, Corporal II, Sergeant First Class II, Master Sergeant II, and Sergeant Major II. And also all the 2 banners also have the wrong logo on them too)


Lol, funny stuff

Clearly working intended. Don’t see a problem


I noticed this last night and was going to post but I couldn’t bothered as I will never use the banners. It was just a bit irritating seeing them locked when I have only the general rank banner to unlock.

At this point we should be able to design out own banners, even if from a pre-determined selection of cut outs and colour schemes.

Halo TMCC has this for various things, in fact the customisation on it, is a million miles better than ours :frowning:

I wouldn’t know so I wouldn’t be able to catch this but this is pretty hilarious and also not surprising in the least.

Just got to general for operation 2, the current banners are still locked
Corporal II
Lieutenant colonel II
Master Sergeant II
Private II
Sergeant first class II
Sergeant Major II
Staff Sergeant II
OH and while I am here the following from Operation 1 are still locked

Anyone care to say why or how to fix?

I was wondering the same…I’m around major rank but several of rank banners are locked ??