Tour Objectives cant be completed

Good morning, Thanks for the boost this weekend for the 2nd year anniversary.

I would like to point out that in lieu of the boost I have decided to use my iron to refresh some of the daily tour objectives to reach general rank faster, Only to get screwed over. For example I had the "kill 30 opponent, and also had have 3 grenades kill. I kill over 20 people with grenades (doing quads) and still don’t get the freaking stars. Also didn’t get the 30 kills last night… Tried again this morning and it did registered my kills. But now after over 10 kills with flame grenades I have no stars. I tried even with an execution didn’t work, tried tagging a grenades’ on the opponent this also didn’t work. It’s nice to have boost and all but would be nice to have to extra stars… Or at the very least the stars without the extra stars… :wink:

Are you playing these games as offline LAN lobbies? The reason I ask is that offline LAN games don’t count.

Nope coop vs AI because I was boosting try to do those objectives…

I don’t have an answer then if that’s the case. It may be due to higher player count at the moment due to the big XP boost that the servers are a bit mesed up. It’s happened before where the daily objectives aren’t registering progress. I did mine last night around 13-14 hours ago and they were fine. Hopefully it’ll get fixed soon.

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Im still getting objectives about heavy weapons it should just change