Tour medal( lieutenant colonel 2)

Needed 3 stars on rank Lieutenant colonel 2 to go to Lieutenant colonel 3 I was awarded from the active tour objectives and should have moved up to lieutenant colonel 3 but it’s stayed on lieutenant colonel 2 please can someone help,where do I have to go to hopefully rectify this issue

Restart the game and it should process properly by then. Try it and reply with the results.

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Thank you for the reply,it still states lieutenant colonel 2 with 6 stars,What I will do is again try and get the 10 stars this weekend and hopefully it will give me lieutenant colonel 3.and not glitched me constantly on lieutenant colonel 2.

Oh I’m sory that really does suck and has happened to me but I got 3 out of nowhere before so maybe it might happen to you?

I completed a challenge before and didn’t receive the stars immediately but did in the end.

Fortunately double stars is coming up so that’s a good opportunity if you have the time and iron.

Thank you my friend,definetly will get those 10 stars then,got the weekend off,I’ve still got the 500 which they awarded you in gears 4 to get u started in gears 5,

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Excellent news my friend it worked like u said just did my daily stars with the double stars.many.many thanks again
If a mod can delete this thread please.many thanks