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Tour final reward pretty cool, actually: team rock skins

So I finished the Tour Of Duty last night and was surprised when a whole weapon skin set popped up!

The Team Rock, I think… They change color based on the faction. On Cog they look Syndrome and on Swarm they remind me of Midnight Omen skins, from Gears 4.

Honestly, I think they are REALLY nice, and it kinda changed my feeling about the whole TOD grind… I still think that the little rewards along the way are crap, and it would be cool to see some really special, unique character somewhere along the way, but I don’t feel “cheated” by the final reward…

I hope they tweak it a bit for the next operation, but now I know , the final reward is much better than the little ones along the way…


Just out of curiosity, did you spend any real money to get through this quickly? Spending iron to constantly get new objectives?

Not judging either way, just curious if it was done this quickly cost free.

It’s doable. I got them today as well without spending any Iron.

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I think I might have “paid” to roll over some objectives, but probably not more than I got from TC as the initial bonus or during the tour…

So I don’t think I spent any real $… maybe a little…

I wasn’t keeping track… but this is only week 5 out of 17, so even if you don’t spend any, you should be able to finish it long before the end, IMO.

I was only going for the Team Metal skins but decided to continue with it anyway, now the completionist bug in me wants to do it asap so I am not far off but its been a grind., have not spent a single iron yet and only found out yesterday you can do 4 daily objectives by the free roll .

I am not enjoying it so will probably not do any more tours after this.

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It’s the only good reward, IMHO

Team Metal look nice too :call_me_hand:


Should have Team Clown skins tbh


Shoots confetti?


Yes. You also get a tiny car with a squad of armed clowns.
Lit af


There were clown skins :eyes:


Ik. I didn’t get them…


Yeah, tour duty was a great addition.
Have my doubts about it at the beginning but I’m nearly to the end without spend any iron just the free reroll and all medals completed by now.

An there’s still time until December
Just to much sprays and banners but Tour duty it’s a great feature after all


Yeah, provide better, unique characters in the next one… come on… baird…cole…anya… claytons… hoffman… even medic, uir, etc… and have some GOOD swarm characters!! Sniper from 4… savage no neck… kantus… armored kantus… etc…

You can make tod fun without having to wait until the very end…

I like team rock skins, but I do think they’d look better without gears 5 stamped all over them


I unlocked them today but I used a weapon with this skin (picked it up, dropped by a team mate) yesterday and I felt ashamed walking around with that.


I look forward of having those reward, still grinding on TOD but only through versus and escape, wish me luck !

You’ve still got 2 months

Yeah love how it has the Gears 5 logo. You know just in case anybody forgot what game they were playing. heavy sarcasm

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