Tour de Force help?

Sorry if this is a repost!!! First time on the forum despite being a longtime fan. Long story short, took a two year hiatus and I’m achievement hunting before 5. I need Tour de Force and all I have left are Impact Dark and Harbor Haze, but I’ve yet to see them as options. Have they been taken out of rotation altogether???

There is no map rotation, all maps are available in vs.


Your best bet is hosting a private and posting it in LFG with the description of what you want to do. Or you can use look for others looking to get that achievement

Edit: Never mind I thought it was the horde achievement

Easiest way might be doing Co-op vs AI where most or all of your team votes for the map you need to do.

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That’s what I thought. Are certain maps more likely to pop up in certain modes?? Again, I haven’t seen these two at all and they’re the only 2 I need still.

I wouldn’t think so. It must be RNG. I once got Relic, three times in a row. Even though there’s 25~ possible maps, it could have been. I know it’s the total is like 34 or something.

The chance to appear is based on how popular they’ve been recently. I’m not sure is popularity makes them more or less likely to appear. They do tend to go through phases where 4 or 5 maps are much more likely to appear than others.

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