Tour 2 Horde Missed Opportunity

Silverback doesn’t start with any weapons and Lizzy lacks damage perks/weapon damage cards.

Escape characters still have useless Venom cards and no damage perks. Forget ammo regen, Keegan needs critical damage or rifle damage as a perk.

Fahz’s ‘overhaul’ / ‘buff’ (TC’s words) is a minor tweak to one card and a massive nerf to another. Very misleading and a significant letdown.

Marcus remains unaddressed and Baird could end up being a better sniper than Fahz and a mediocre engineer at best.

I have very little faith in these dudes, their word, or their ability to fix a flawed product despite its huge potential.


I disagree with the Escape characters. Especially Keegan.

Keegan has Shreader and Mark boost, which goes well with the spotter support for JD. His Hammerburst and Snub cards help him with dps. His recharge bounty can be quite useful as well, along with grenade capacity.


I just want them to fix the ■■■■ where every time someone tries to join a hosted lobby in progress, the game apparently crashes now. It’s driving me nuts.


The venom abilities aren’t useless, they actually make escape easy…

The point is they’re the definition of useless in horde, which is the subject of this post. Very easily could’ve been replaced with existing skill cards of other characters.

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I think that every escape char need to be updated for the horde mode. The perks of Lahni are good, when you play on lower difficulties, but on master you dont need to try to kill enemies with the knife. Keegan with a hammerburst or a snub is on higher difficulties a problem too. And Mac? Well I cant say wreally much to him, because I did not played with his char wreally often at the moment.

Fair point, but that means he’s largely dependent on JD, and lacks a GL, heavy weapon extra rounds and specialization. AND JD gets extra grenades with the extra explosive ammo card in addition to both critical and rifle damage perks. So Keegan is a 33% efficiency version of JD. At best.

Some of the escape chars feel like they arent built for horde. Nice way to lvl them up outside of escape though. If you have Emile I don’t understand why people would even use Lahni. Keegens ammo regen is okay and his mark with JDs ult is nice. Macs shield is okay but no idea how his bleed on boltok compares to Kait and JDs bleed. They feel okay but I don’t expect them to shake things up. I don’t see people on masters using any one of them over the top 4.

It does feel like horde was an after thought for TC. I do like the 3 perks they gave to Kat to help her in escape. While they aren’t great it at least shows they can add perks to these chars. Maybe in the future they will give them more to better compete with the rest of the characters.

Haven’t unlocked Lizzie yet. I’ve seen some people tear things up when lvled. It’s crazy how she gets stim for causing dmg.

I made a thread about my impressions on Baird. I do question why some of his sniping perks weren’t given to Fahz. He could make better use of them.

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The Brawler card needs to have a damage reduction to melee like it did in 4.

A melee bleed card along with that would make her more viable.

Emile has a melee bleed card. Which is why I think he is actually better than Lahni but you only get him if you got the ultimate edition. Mixed with his drop shield and melee kills reduce the shields cd he has some more survivability. But again, who gets close enough to melee on masters?


Agree except for on Keegan. His ammo capacity perk should include explosives. 3 booms is so lame.

Really though, why couldn’t venom cards just work in horde mode? That would be great. They still wouldn’t be the best, but they would be more viable options to play as.

I couldn’t even tell anything’s been changed on fahz…

Every hero needs a bleed card at this point. That’s really the only solution to make them playable past elite difficulty.

the part of the " ability to fix a flawed product" , its the only thing on balance here, Checking at the results of the updates and the things fixed, seems to me that they just want to mantain a flawed product until 6 arrives. ( if it arrives in the future) .

I agree and disagree at the same time. :smile: Every char need a special perk LIKE a bleeding card yes, but if every char had a bleeding perk, than this is very quick extremly boring. Maybe the option, that a Del make cryo damage with a enforcer or a Baird flaming damage with a embar. But when every char gets an bleeding card than theres nothing special at this perk anymore.

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Regarding Fahz, they also nerfed the Ambush card by alot - it used to provide 140% extra critical damage if I recall correctly. Not it provides a maximum of 50%.

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I’d be ok with this also. The point being we need to have well rounded playable hero’s if we have this system. Sniper, heavy, soldier, tank, scout should all be able to get kills in every difficulty setting. At the moment Inconceivable is a more difficult mode simply because you can not kill all enemies, only down them with every hero except JD? Can’t run out there and give them a quick boot when one or two shot downs you if you’re not in cover.

What was it? 1 step forward 2 steps back? :upside_down_face:

Maybe it’s more “give with one hand, and take with the other (after slapping us in the face first).”


Right, or more so calling it a high five…but really a slap to the face.


Amen! That´s so horrible! Especially in my situation now: Want to unlock the Baird charakter, for that I must kill 500 enemies with a shotgun. Yes…80% of the enemies couldn´t be killed on master with it, because you have to execute them and you dont get so close to them, that you could kill them with one shot from the gnasher or the Overkill.

Or you know… add some more ■■■■■■■ variety to the enemies. I’m so sick and tired of going up against Leeches and Rejects all the time. They’re the most annoying things to fight and most common!

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