Totems not tracking correctly

So ive completed 8 waves of horde, gotten 9 of the 200 assists required after crafting the cog gear totem and yet its not tracking my versus or cog gear ultimate challenges. Ive only played versus and horde but no escape since crafting the totem. But its not tracking all of my challenges properly. Anyome else having this issue? And dammit tc yet again you disapoint. When will they do anything good for the gears franchise because where im sitting as of now theyve done nothing short of dig a big ol ■■■■■■ grave for it to turn over in. Tc is killing us gears fans right now. If theres a bigger nife that could be dug into my back i havent seen it yet uggh.

Make sure you equip the totem. When you start a match it should show COG Gear totem equipped.

Have the same issue with general raam 30 executions… Only had 4 so I did 10 at least in one VS game. Still had 4 after.

Probably a glitch TC made so that you would get annoyed and buy the characters instead

when i click A on the totem nothing happens… i already spent 100 on every totem but i cannot use my totems.