Totems: Main Thread

Alright so I just updated and there’s a new section called Totems where we “craft and equip a totem” which allows us to unlock a new character for multiplayer.

So far I have 0 totems… what next?

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How does it even work aha

this is not the TU update this is just a prep update the ACTUAL title update comes in 3 hours at 12 pm PT time

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How do you even get totems?

I think you pay 100 scrap for each.

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Bruh. Yea I finally just saw all the requirements. I honestly can’t complain about them, I just hope they keep being consistent with characters and content

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wait for the update to go live at 12noon PST

How is this official?


So, I am over on the east coast and the Totem section is there but every time I click on it it is just blank. Any feedback on that?

I’m having the same problem, it’s kind of irritating.

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Lol right, like I just want it to work and I can start trying to unlock RAAM

Honestly though like I’m kinda wanting to get these challenges done while I have the chance lol.

so a patch they just released isn’t even working properly? ha, wtf is going on with TC?

The new character stuff isn’t live until about an hour and a half from now. For some reason :roll_eyes:

That’s just strange tho? What’s the point of putting the update out but not have the contents of the update? So weird

I fully agree. It’s dumb.
It’s just the typical TC artificial hype crap


That’s for sure, just ridiculous

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TC have no idea what they are doing

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Still nothing appearing in mine yet either :man_shrugging:

Oh wow look at that it’s now 12:00 PST and it’s there now just like people were saying.