Totems are 1 step forward and 2 steps back?

Ok, so to be completely honest maybe its 2 steps forward and one step back. Nonetheless, greed has once again prevailed here and taken a lot from what would otherwise be a decent unlock system. TC need to make a difference between people who worked for characters and people who bought them, Anyone else agree or have any other thoughts on this? Don’t mean to just be negative here but bruuu why can you get them in the store :frowning:



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because otherwise having those characters is not an achievement. In other words there is no incentive to grind if all it takes is $5 to get the exact same thing.

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I’d argue that just getting through waves and acts and rounds isn’t really an achievement anyways

Your incentive is to save $5.

  1. then they should make it more of a challenge or not bother with the challenges at all. Also some of the challenges like 30 swarm executions in verses are not that easy.

  2. For in game challenges everyone has to go through the same thing to complete them. $5 is not equal to different people.

  1. People complain about the grind of the challenges already, despite it basically just being “exist in matches”, making them more of a grind is just going annoy those people further.

  2. The five dollar option bothers you way too much, the fact that some people are skipping the challenges shouldn’t detract from your own experience so much.

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respectfully, dont tell me how much I am supposed to be bothered by something. I want something to actually progress towards in this game that is meaningful, not something that others can pay to get instead.


That’s all this forum does.

its a discussion as indicated by my original post

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Yes, one you don’t get to dictate the terms of.

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I like the new system, you get the freedom of paying or grinding.

If you want ernable non paid for skins you only need to check tour of duty.

I mean its debatable… How do you get extra daily challenges? Iron here to help :confused:

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Fully agree with you.

Dude don’t say make them more challenging, there long enough.

Also £5 is like pocket money, so if people wanna just play the character then let them be, like the other guy said grinding it saves you spending £5 and a sense of achievement I guess

Debatable is whether you like it or not. Time consuming or short that you need to pay to make it go faster is something else.

Now we have a system that provides an option, before we didn’t.

I get that, my complaint is more about there being a way to buy these things, rather than the price.

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If there was only a pay to unlock option like it is for the Dark Fate #2 Pack then EVERYONE would complain.

If they want to charge for every “free” character that they will be adding… Literally the minimal inconvenience of doing 5 challenges is nothing I will complain about.

I play every mode so it doesn’t change my play style. And quite frankly I would rather them push players to play every mode rather than specific multiplayer modes. I’ll take 18 chapters of escape over 18 rounds of escalation any day of the year.

XP - Earned no matter what you do
40 rounds of versus - casually play online or 10 matches of Vs AI Dodgeball and you’re done
18 escape chapters - Lower difficulty hives can be ran through with minimal effort.
50 horde waves - One full horde is a fair ask. 2 hours max on lower difficulties, especially when everyone is skipping the intermissions.
Uniques -

  • Cog Gear: Stackable with the completion of the other challenges.

  • Warden:seems to be the worst since it is a skin only good for multiplayer and you need to play PvE modes in order to unlock his unique. You only get 2 wardens (possibly) every X5 wave of horde or one in specific escape maps. But you can boost it. Get a warden wave/hive, kill it, die, repeat.

  • DB: There are plenty of rejects that appear in horde and hives. So much that you could possibly finish it without even really a need to do extra work after you do the other challenges.

  • Raam: A skin you are only going to be using if you play versus. So 30 executions as swarm isn’t horrible. It just means you need to get lucky on being swarm instead of cog.

This is their way of saying we have more to earn…when in reality these absolutely should have been included in the tour of duty.

Couldn’t agree more about playing escape rather than escalation :smiley:
The raam challenge for executions is actually the hardest challenge imo, as you can only get these when playing as swarm in verses and teammates usually steal kills before you get a chance to execute.
I dont have much to complain about in terms of the challenges, other than that they are very low effort.

I updated my post because I had to look up what everyone’s challenges were again. I still don’t feel Raam is the hardest simply because it is a versus only skin…and eventually you will do 30 executions as the swarm if you prefer to play versus. Quickplay versus is your best bet for this because you have the chance of getting a lobby with bots.