Totem System is Unfair to Competitive Players

Anyone else think the totem system is unfair to competitive players.? I currently have only ever unlocked one character in gears 5 (the warden through Iron I got paying $ 1 for gamepass ultimate). One of my favourite characters to play as in Gears 4 was the generic female cog gear. I currently have a totem for unlocking the COG Gear (s) which was earned via scrap.

However, the horde and escape challenges completely stop me from being able to unlock the two COG gear characters and their teased onyx guard skins . I personally have never been a huge fan of horde and I have no interest in playing escape. I think it is unfair that I cannot readily unlock characters that I want without paying for them. I own a physical copy of the game, and it unfair that people who bought the game outright didn’t get rewards (e.g. additional characters (ignoring the dark fate promotion).

I don’t want to play horde and escape over-and-over again . I don’t like horde and escape. Operation 2 needs to revamp the totem system to have challenges that are mode neutral with less grinding. I believe gears 5 is great game with terrible progression system and poorly implemented unlocks and a gross lack of characters to earn through general play. Gears 4 progression was so much more reward, despite the game having RNG based character unlocks.

Please share your thoughts and opinions.


Idle horde like everyone else, takes a few hours idle maybe lol, and same thing with escape just have people do beginner for you… or you know get competitive scores because every game mode has a scoring system too if you wanted to be “competitive”.

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I’m not fond of exploits. I want the progression system to be revamped.


I agree, as someone who is only interested in Gears for the SP campaign and (especially) Versus, having to go through escape and horde just to be able to unlock characters. On the one hand i get that it’s a good approach to keeping those playlists healthy-players wise (although I doubt Horde needs it, something tells me Horde has at least as many players as versus, daily), it feels way more as an incentive for people like me and OP to just give them those 5 bucks to just unlock the character.
In gears 4 I can unlock any character I want by just playing (whatever I want). I get the coins, unlock packs, scrap whatever I don’t want (the vast majority of them) and eventually buy what I want. It doesn’t take me more than a few hours of versus to unlock a 2.4k skin. I really hope they will implement a system that will let me say the same for G5.

Tbh I’m glad I don’t have to play ranked gnasher only…

I don’t see the issue here. Lots of past challenges where there have been custom character or weapon skins have been orientated to particular modes. Alot of the GOW4 events had rewards tied to Versus, and some of the GOW3 ones were tied to Versus-orientated medals. If the reward means that much to you, then you will just have to accept and compromise. The totems aren’t time limited at least so you can just do it gradually.

And I speak as primarily a Horde player. My time split across the modes is probably roughly 50% Horde; 30% Escape; 20% Versus. If there’s a reward I want that involves Versus then I go for it. It’s a little annoying but it’s a small price to pay to not pay / Iron to buy it. It works both ways. I would prefer Horde orientated challenges personally.


There should be options. For example, play 20 matches of koth or 15 chapters of escape. Or kill 20 Scions in horde or execute 15 enemies in PvP. I also like to play what I want.

I will not play escape, I tried it and do not like it, options would be fair as we could all get what we want doing what we like. Forcing players is never a good idea imo, gaming should be about inclusion not exclusion.

It’s a chore but not unfair to a specific group. I’m sure everyone feels that “unfairness” to some degree because of the multi-mode challenges.

If you don’t like it pay up. It’s suppose to be a challenge and grind and I completed each totem in the range of 3-4 hours of playtime.

I agree, if it was all Versus challenges then that would be unfair to horde and escape players. It’s better to be balance between the modes. Just my opinion anyway.


As a horde player i dont care to play verses to grind for anything…to be fair this game isnt worth grinding at all…to stay on point just make unlockables available to everyone…just let them do it in their preferred modes…thus keeping playerbase playing and within modes they enjoy…:roll_eyes:


Paying isnt the answer…its the problem😑

Yeah I was thinking this last night as I’ll never play any Horde or escape so no character unlocks for me so will have to buy like I did with Ramm oh well

My opinion was lukewarm at worst, I know it’s not that bad at all. I’m saying I don’t agree with the idea that only ONE subgroup is disenfranchised by an all encompassing challenge totem; I disagree with the OP.

My issue is that the challenges should be made mode neutral. E.g. should be based on kills, assists, revives and specific weapon kills, headshots etc.

Both the escape and horde challenges are like a 1/3 of the time of the XP challenges. Just do them?

The offered challenges aren’t well designed . You currently can’t unlock any characters through general play. Characters should of been unlocked through for example beating sections of the campaigns or reaching certain levels in multiplayer. Additionally other challenges for character Games unlocks could be done by completing generic mode neutral challenges. E.g. Griffin and Golden Gear in Gears 4 were unlocked through mode neutral challenges.

The excessive grinding for characters is their to encourage MTs purchases. The only characters I would ever personally pay for would be guest characters (but not the :poop: terminators). I refuse to pay non-guest characters as I outright bought a physical copy of Gears 5 at full price . If people have to excessively grind to unlock teased campaign characters such as Baird, Cole, Lizzy and Paduk, more-and-more people will be increasing disappointed by Gears 5.

But it’s not a problem, they are easy to earn bud. If you don’t have time to play for a max of 12 hours total from December to March then pay up. It’s really easy dude.

Nope bagman …i have time to play my preferred mode…which is horde…why force me to play verses where i may go afk or just not try ect…the franchise has been around long enough not to have to do this…by the way i dont use the store…but its the only thing that works on the game🤔


If you don’t play everything in the game you won’t be able to unlock everything, 99% of games are like this.

But the Coalition are restricting the most meaning full things to unlock , characters to excessive grinding or direct purchase. You shouldn’t have to grind so excessively to unlock basic characters. Maybe alternate skins for characters should require excessive grinding, but not the base character.