Totem stopped working after I bought the Lizzie Motor pool skin!

Hello people,

I´ve got a very annoying bug. I bought the Lizzie Motor Pool skin (Since the skins go away after some days). I wasn´t yet able to finish the 60.000 EXP Totem challenge, I was at around 47.000. However, since I´ve bought the skin, I can´t view my Totem challenge anymore. In the skins menu it makes it look like as if I already unlocked Lizzie, but I have not. What is this?

Is all my time wasted now and I can´t get Lizzie anymore? Has anybody else experienced this problem?

The totem is for the skin that you just bought. So you shouldn’t of bought it if you were that close. The other Lizzy is unlocked as a Tod reward.

But the skins are timed in the store. What else was I supposed to do?

And now? Why does the totem not work anymore? What is this ■■■■■■■ bug

The OP is complaining about a bug that has frozen the Lizzie totem after he bought a skin. He’s not complaining about not being able to equip it or anything. Store items are only up for a week or so, and he just bought it so he can equip later when he does eventually unlock it.

If someone was moaning about not being able to equip Motorpool Lizzie and isn’t aware they need to have the default Lizzie unlocked, then I’d have little sympathy cos they need to learn how to read. In this instance, it sounds like the totem is broken so he can’t unlock the default Lizzie at all.


My apologies just had to look it up I didn’t remember seeing another Lizzie besides under hero’s.

Sorry i was wrong. You should mail TC on Twitter about the progression bug they should be able to resolve it. I didn’t know there was another Lizzie character besides the one under Hero’s.

I´ve heard they take tons of time to reply…I hope this can be resolved…I´ve been grinding so long for Lizzie…

Honestly @nodezero @octusTC on Twitter actually respond to issues like this. Idk how long it will take to resolve but I have seen them in the past ask for people’s GT pretty quick. At least a reply is better than nothing. Hopefully they can steer you in the right direction or support page.

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If u buy th operation 2 Free for All bundle ull get lizzie and It also includes the 3 other new characters, the complete Eclipse weapon set, 1000 Iron and 30 days of Boost for $19.99, that may be a way for you to get lizzie if ur not able to unlock via the totem

I´d like to not spend money on it, especially after I´ve already grinded so long for Lizzie. :confused:

I will try to reach them somehow

@xxxGAUNTLETxxx I don´t have twitter unforunately. I guess I´ll have to create an account today or tomorrow.

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Also try @ coalitionGears also on Twitter just send all three. I see Octus was active on there today.

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It works again! :slight_smile:


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