Totem bug - can't select purchased totem

Just spent 100 scrap to get the RAAM totem, game won’t let me select it. Just played a few games with my friend and and went to check my progress and all the executions I got didn’t count. Let me be clear, I do know how to select the totem in the menu, but the game doesnt put a check mark next to it when I try to select it like it’s supposed to. Just makes a really quiet, low pitch noise similar to something that hasnt been unlocked. Really annoying the constant issues this game is having, spending the time to earn scrap and then the thing I purchase doesn’t work. My friend and I have been playing GoW together since the first game and we’re very disappointed at how shotty this game has felt at times, glad this game was on game pass and I didn’t spend 79.99 on it

I had this problem with the new carmines. I got all 3 with scrap,

Had to reload gm to fix it

Just close and relaunch the game and it will let you. Bug has been there since totems were added to the game.