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I just want to put in common with the Forum, my incredible disappointment regarding the current system of REUP levels, since it is totally impossible to reach the maximum level without cheating, SpeedRuns, and other types of tricks that go against the spirit of the Game.

Honestly, I would love to be able to play only Multiplayer and Horde, in a normal way, but that, currently, is not possible.

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I completely agree that speedruns is a cheap way of getting credits and xp quickly. For Gears 5, I just hope they completely eliminate. I feel its too late for 4 now.

If ranked is a full commitment then Horde should be too. There should be no double standard.


while speedrunning is scummy i cant blame people for doing so,when you have a credit/RNG economy people will naturally find a way to to earn things faster people only want to level for the credit bonus i’m at wing 2 (re-up 12) and i get 1000 credits which is a nice boost


I mean, it’s not like the reward system was intentionally set up to be such a grind that the player would become increasingly tempted to fork over cash to get what they want.


Man people still crying about speedruns this late in the game?


Indeed, there needs to be more credit based incentives so people dont resort to finding things to manipulate as well as improving the credit / Gear pack system

Speedruns came about as a response to the unfair and uneven in-game economy; and the RNG nature of the loot boxes. Ask anyone who has done speedruns and they will tell you it’s about getting credits.

Also add to it the limited time Gear Packs are available for.


Well if they cant commit then they shouldnt play Horde. Just wish TC just dealt with the speedrunning issue from the get go.

I would put playing Horde as the same as ranked match, both require patient and commitment.

If you cant commit, then dont play simple.

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That’s such an asinine statement…then for those complaining about vs constantly, they shouldn’t play vs then…how about that?

Perhaps it is… I dont know tbh

I’ agree with you, the same principle applies to versus people too. Can’t deal with it? Move to a different game!

Cant stay in a full ranked match? Play social or play a different game and so on.


Some might say it’s about getting Wings or trying to get max Wings because they like levelling, and for Wings Skins like Golden Custom Lancer.

You know it. Speed running :-1:

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It still is a grind to do speed runs though I used to do speed runs all the time ( I don’t care about my level I did it for the credits. I don’t want to pay for these character packs. And yes I do regular runs too. I prefer verses over horde but I still play some horde every now and then.) I used to do 6 speed runs a day and I barley level up 2 times. If people can re-up 12 times a day then I can understand about hating on speed runs but at the end the day their not hurting you. Go and use looking for group post to find some people. I tired of people discriminate those who know how to make a horde game end quicker. At the end of the day people don’t care how you obtain max re-up except for yourself anyone can kill bots in horde. I know this post is going to get flag but this is just the truth just wait till 5-7 years people are going to hack their profiles and unlock every character skin and make themselves into the highest level like every video game ever. What ever happen about just having fun in a game? That what I play gears for.


The first couple of packs (10th anniversary and gearsmas 2016) were fairly easy to collect everything in because there wasn’t a whole lot.

I would have normally tried to collect everything from every pack, but early on the RNG showed it would require too much time, and I refused to pay real cash for a chance.

So I went to the mindset of I’ll just go for characters and try to complete the weapon sets I like. Even that didn’t really work. After several packs without getting a character, and weapon sets with just one gun that would never drop (even after about 250 packs one time), I rarely bother with the packs.

exactly it’s either time or money for the new skins i hope all these lootboxes being banned in Belgium make it so paid boxes arent in gears 5

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TC can easily avoid this by not releasing the game in Belgium and any other country.

yeah but they’d be taking a huge risk by hoping players make up for the money for that decision. the scary thing is it might actually turn out alright for them if they did

I can see that happening only if someone like Activision or EA makes the first move.

Being the first? What a freaking PR nightmare that would be.

Looks like EA has cut back on the loot boxes (for the moment, at least).

at least until they think of a good script for an apology so they can do it again