Total Pish Game

From being put in American servers constantly and being expected to stay in a game where you are just a lamb to the slaughter to being banned for 1 day and 5 hours for quitting 1 game and rejoining it ??? This game is so crap its unreal ,watching you fill someone with bullets and nothing and no replay when a dodgy kill happens, one of Microsoft’s flagship titles snd its a mess…Goodbye Gears


I haven’t seen “pish” on these forums yet, that made me laugh :joy:

Best post of the day :+1:


I play with two Scotts, I hear it all the time…understanding it (i’m a soft Southerner) is an entirely different thing :wink: ;)t

Rab C Nesbitt was class.



Haha :joy: it’s that common here it almost sounds like everyday friendly chat.

Oh and yes he was :+1:

I just wanna throw a shoutout out to all the games that are indeed ‘total pish’.

I’m sure OP doesn’t mean to insult you all by comparing you to Gears 5, as by comparison you are joys to behold and examples of gaming perfection!!!


Would love more info on this, literally EVERYTIME a death makes me think about recording that and trying to figure out what on Sera could have happened it’s one of those ‘No replay’ deaths

Something fishy is happening here, something is being hidden from us :thinking:

Watch some Still Game on Netflix if you like Rab C Nesbit!

Seen all of them mate. Brilliant :+1:

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Aye, our accents are varied according to region, wait until you meet a player from Peterhead, that’s another level of confusion to say the least :joy: