Total frustration

total frustration :sweat:. It takes a long time where if you win a game you do not raise any percentage, nothing, stagnates when you reach a certain point, I won 20 games followed by team duel, without losing any !!, you do not raise anything, and when it’s your turn to lose, you’ll be drastically lowered to 50%. I do not understand why there is not a percentage increase and it’s not just me, there are many who through Facebook pages complain because they do not raise any percentage and when they lose they go down considerably. Is it unfair that you spend time and that in my case I have spent more than eight thousand pesos in Gears and that they pay us this way? They said that the problem project was solved but it is not like that, at the beginning if I went up very well everything normal, it has been about 3 weeks since I play and play and I win and win and they do not raise any percentage. what do I do with whom I come to help me?

You know there going to lock this thread. That’s what they’ve been doing to every thread that complains about rank percentages

They need to just give us our ranks back from before the released this last update. It completely F’d my rank, I was in diamond 3 and rarely lost, and I still don’t lose yet they put me in diamond 1 I don’t understand.