Total annihilation achievement not tracking

I would like to know if anyone has a fix or work around for this achievement to start tracking properly. I went from 43% to 72% randomly and not its not tracking again.

Any suggestions would be helpful

Ooh, 72%? Came here to rub it in, did you?

I’ve been stuck at 47% for a week, after budging from 43% after almost a month. Which made no sense as I already had “Total Devastation” (200,000,000 damage) so should have already been around 60% when the achievement was released.

“Rest in Pieces” (100,000 kills in Horde/Escape) has also been stuck at 73% since Operation 8 launched.

Now I’m talking multiple Frenzy and Escape runs. I’ve done all the necessary resets numerous times but no such luck yet. It’s very annoying as, outside of XP/CXP, it feels like I’m playing for nothing.

Mine has also been stuck since op 8 have found tho if I lode up with my main account then press LT and then a on profile… change profile to another. Game will restart at title screen so sign in as other account and press LT and a again to change back to main account . Lode up again and I get a 1% increase some times not evey time seams to be evry couple of days. I have probably doubled the amount needed with hord and escape runs but mine was also stuck at 43% then jumped up to 72% then 94%… versus all stuck/ nothing adding…

Just for total annihilation cheevo or for all damage based cheevos (like make em bleed, absolute carnage)?

Just for total annihilation. Worth a try I keep doing it and playing hord and the escape map with ice sions. It must be to do with the reto active not working correct. When op 8 come out was on 43% but I had done the other one so should have been 50% at least… that have just reliced op 8 with out testing once again. Seams to be the way thease days with games get it out and just fix it at a latter date attitude

My understanding is the progress keeps resetting every time you quit the game. E.g. let’s say it started at 72% and you did 4% worth of damage so it goes up to 76%. If you quit and restart the game it’s as if you were back at 72% so you need to redo the 4% again before you’ll see any further progress. There are guides on TA for using custom hives to grind it out in a single sitting or alternatively wait for TC to fix it (assuming they will)

@GhostofDelta2 can we just have an official “achievement bug” thread so these stop popping up?

Even if by game because i know tactics has been having issues, we have the win10 UE playlist problem…mixing them all together may not make sense, but one combined thread for each would be nice just to keep tabs on them for everyone.


It is a very good idea, However, I have no idea whether the damage tracking issue is caused by the same thing as the other games. Normally I would merge and flag to a CM so they could take note of how prevalent the issue is and hopefully prioritise it, while also taking note of the users accounts incase that helps QA, but unfortunately we have no CM’s at the moment.

I know one user impacted by this issue who is having Seriously 5.2 progress going up while Total Annihilation isnt moving. I know Total Annihilation was working for some people for brief periods, but I think its exactly how @KAW_24 explained it, and that is why people are sometimes seeing progress.

If I see any more of the total annie threads pop up I will make a dedicated thread for that one, with the proviso that its unlikely to be responded to by TC and I wont have regular updates (new users seem to think I work at TC unless i make this super clear)


The Total Annihilation achievement isn’t tracking correctly for me either. It’s been stuck at 65% for several days now. I’ve done a huge amount of damage in escape in the last few days, but the tracker hasn’t moved at all.

I have deleted and recovered by account and it went up from 72 % to 73 %. Sucks but at least a little progress lol

Now into my second week of 47% despite three further Inconceivable Frenzy runs and 4 hard resets.

I seriously hope than when this is fixed it is retroactive. At this rate for me it’ll immediately pop.

I don’t think they know about the problems or just not bothered. We haven’t heard any thing from TC. Not sure whats going on with the Community manager? Just a reply would be good to acknowledge they know of the issues…

There isn’t any currently.

Mine isn’t tracking either. Stuck on 48% and I have the 200.000.000 one also. Also the kill 100,000 enemies in horde is also stuck on 56%.

These 2 achievements haven’t moved in weeks. I’m a regular horde player daily. Total annihilation has been at 48% since the update and I have the “total devastation” achievement also. So this should be over 50%. The rest in pieces also hasn’t moved and is on 56%. Anyone know if TC will fix this or if our data is actually stored so we aren’t wasting our time on horde? Thanks

I have stopped playing intill we get a reply. Have spent days doing horde and escape runs on all levels and difficult levels… and hasn’t moved… have played on all platforms… xbox series X .S. day one console …pc and even on my phone …

We need answers ! I don’t wanna max classes unless it’s contributing towards those achievements.

We may get some answers now…TC have posted about the new x5 XP and new skins. Let’s hope they see the problem posts…

I remember I used to think like that … Ah good times.

Might be unrelated and might be related, but I don’t know.

Is anyone else’s Absolute Carnage achievement stuck? Mine is at 91% and after doing some serious damage it’s still at 91%. Good chance I got my math wrong, but just curious.

I logged on this morning and saw an increase in the following:

Total Annihilation - 47% > 50%
Absolute Carnage - 50% > 57%
Rest in Pieces - 73% > 76%

Very random, but good. It also continued to track as after some Waves of Jingle Juvies my Rest in Pieces moved to 77%.

It’s still not accurate as I should be in the 90% range but at least it’s moving at last.

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