Tortured Tai Kaliso

Zombie Anya… with element of his death

I like the idea of campaign or lore relevant skins such as Navy Dizzy and this ‘tortured Tai’ idea for example.

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I m always in favor of new characters instead of more of the same (just look at JD). Still waiting for Prescott; even though he s a dou che, I used him a lot in MP and it was challenging to get him. No box openings or pdrticipating at - sorry to say it - stupid events, but aczually by playing the game.

Rod teased a zombie tai before the game came out. I guess takes this for what you will…

I’m not saying nobody likes them or uses them, I’m saying that back in May 2017, when we had no Carmines, people were not happy to get these mutilated ghouls of the Carmines, without the voice and personality that made them so popular.

I’m kinda surprised we haven’t had Jungle Tai, as it’s a simple reskin.

I’m kind of surprised people still care about skins TBH, since the new game has been announced. All these things will be gone in the dust once you move on to the new game.

This was my only gripe with the skins. It’s not that the skins were bad it’s just the “Brains!” shtick was very bad game design. They’re alright now and it’s been reworked but god that was a nightmare.

Processed Tai would be a sick Tai skin. Basically shirtless with a hook or two still hanging off the back of his skin. Not zombified but he’s been through hell.

Very true. Rather ridiculously reactionary today are we? Skins = life though, you’re right.


I was just being facetious and turning that logic on it’s head.

Why can’t people live in the moment and enjoy a skin for a year. When Gears 5 comes out, it’ll be 2 or less years before the next game is announced. Should they not enjoy skins for that time as well, because in the scheme of things, it’s not that much difference in time either.

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Oh, no it doesn’t matter to me either way if they enjoy them or they don’t enjoy them. I was just remarking that I was literally surprised at how much people still care about them. It doesn’t make sense to me, but I also know that there’s other people in the world that value different things.

I’m not sure why they ‘can’t’ enjoy them as I didn’t say they shouldn’t.

Surprised is all.