Tortured Tai Kaliso

If everybody was so excited when the Zombie Carmine characters came out, do you think that people would love to have Tai Kaliso after he was tortured right before he shot himself, as a playable character in Gears 4 or 5? I think that would look dope as a character.


Very few people were excited for the zombie Carmines, actually. Most people were annoyed that we were getting them before the living Carmines.


Would of been a great skin if they remastered Gears 2


gears 2 campaign Tai had some badass Armor which never became playable mp. wouldn’t mind seen that character skin.


Gotta disagree. You may not like them but I’ve seen lots of people using them. I don’t get it but they seem to like them. I have never used one because I don’t care for them but the gun skins are sick.

Regarding Tai, I’d love to see another Tai but not a tortured one.


Oh yeah that would dope for a skin I never thought of that

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Man I just posted about this lol The Tai we got was OK… he needed the armor from part 2 but a zombie Tai or like you said tortured Tai would be awesome.


Oh ya that would be a very savage skin to make. Down for it though lmao. I love Minh’s stab wound in tha back.


I think some people use the zombie skins to gain a potential advantage, since their color schemes resemble swarm/locust.

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Ok how about instead of tortured Tai it’s a captive Tai


When I started playing VS I’d use zombie Kait with Swarm Pod gun skins while playing guardian. I’d flank and then casually walk into enemy spawn. Sometimes even backing up while shooting the opposite direction at my teammates. I can’t tell you how much rage that incited and how many extended beat downs I took after killing leaders that way. Lol


I got to try that some time

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i personally would love to see more Tai, but doubt that TC will re-release him. Gears4 lifecycle is coming to an end, and there are few requested characters that still haven’t came back(Onyx guard, Barrick, etc.)

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I anticipate new packs to be released up until February-March 2019 at least (possibly even longer).

My reasoning is that the eSports pro circuit programme goes into “winter 2019” according to the schedule. I presume there will be another tournament around February or thenabouts so TC will want to promote it. The best way of doing this is to keep promoting the main game with new things such as gear packs, challenges and game modes.

Assuming we get one new pack per month that’s around at least 6 packs, possibly more. Chuck in some challenges and we still have 10+ character skins, but likely more.

Tortured Tai would need to be rebuilt from scratch, but his voice lines will be easy to do cos TC can recycle the existing Zombie and Tai lines.

I’d say that named human characters who haven’t appeared at all in GOW4 are the least likely to appear - the likes of Barrick, Jace, Valera etc cos voice lines need to be done and by a specific voice actor or a sound alike.

Onyx Guard is easier cos they’re not a specific named character. Their voices can be changed and done by a different actor to the GOW3 and Judgment ones. The Onyx Guard, if it does arrive will probably be amongst the last characters we receive cos the colour scheme will be too similar to the Black Steel characters. TC will want the BS skins to maintain as much appeal and uniqueness as possible to sell eSports packs.

Locust characters can recycle the existing Locust voices so they’re easier too.


Reminds me of an old paintball trick. After you hear the first few bursts from opponents, casually begin walking along the side line with your marker dangling and fiddle with you barrel plug. Do not plug the barrel but just stroll to their side while wiping the plug or something with your rag. If they spot you just shrug your shoulders and continue to flank. When behind or enough past, let it rip. If you team is aware they will break and push as you begin to light em up from back/side. Can wipe a team in seconds.

I think a lot of the initial hatred for the zombie skins was the non-stop “BRAAAAAINS” too!

And yes, it’s a good thing friendly fire wasn’t an issue because I accidently shot at my zombie teammates A LOT back in the day.

Don’t let any of this distract you from the fact that TC doesn’t want you to realize there still is no Black Steel Ben Carmine!!!

I like the alliteration of Tortured Tai better.

“Captive” sounds like a just slightly less politically correct term for Involuntarily Displaced-Freedom Tai

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Pure genius right there

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What about zombie Maria