Torque Bow trick shots have got to go in PvE

The penetrating torque bolt on a headshot is a neat trick in PvP, but in PvE it seriously undermines the weapon. Enemies have massively inflated health pools, and can easily survive an active headshot from the Torque Bow, The weapon would be much more desirable if the bolts didn’t penetrate on headshots, so the target takes both the impact damage and the explosion damage. This is especially true on classes that do bleed damage with the Torque Bow. Since bleed damage is not affected by headshots, if you headshot an enemy, the only bleed they take is based on the itty bitty base damage of the bolt impact. In order to do any notable bleed damage with the Torque Bow, the enemy has to get hit by the explosion. That means these classes have to figure out if their bleed damage will add up to more than the damage multiplier from a headshot. We shouldn’t have to go through all that trouble to work out if the weapon/card is even worth using. If the projectile didn’t penetrate on headshots, all these issues would just go away.

Wait, they fixed that? It used to be either headshot or bleeding, but no bleed on headshots. Neato.

In the old Gears games no matter the difficulty you were on you could always rely on a tbow headshot to kill any drone or any kind of boomer. It would be nice to have that back.