Torque Bow Tag eliminations not counting for Versus Event eliminations medal?

I stopped grinding Pumpkinball eliminations last week at 210/250 for the Versus Event eliminations medal once I saw that the next event was going to be Torque Bow Tag and another medal for 50 eliminations with a torque bow was being added. I figured there was no point in grinding out the remaining 50 elims in Pumpkinball since I should be able to double up.

I now have 38/50 eliminations with a torque bow, and my Versus Event eliminations medal is still stuck at 210/250… So, I guess this is yet another bug where the Versus Event doesn’t seem to count as a Versus Event for other medals? :rage:

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It’s not a bug man, it’s a feature.However, I am not surprised.


Contact support, I’m sure they’ll be more than happy to help you right away.

On a more serious note: If there’s 1 thing I’ve learnt in my time with TCs Gears is to grind/finish things as soon as possible. The weapon skins in 4 being a prime-example.


This x 10,000.

I do Versus Event medals first as they are the ones that are often very glitchy if you wait for the event to change.


I got the 50 torque medal last night but the overall elimination count went up by only 20 or so.

I’m not even surprised nor mad at this point since it happens quite often.


I’m having problems as well. I’m only receiving small amounts of progress even though I’m getting larger numbers of eliminations. Just now I had 10+ eliminations and only received 3 progress. Yesterday I had 14 kills and only received 7 progress. I’ve submitted a ticket. They better fix this.

Me too. I sure hope the fix it soon.

I thought about going for 100% medals, but I would need 4 more wins as Swarm and about 2400 versus eliminations.

That’s not so bad, I know. But with the versus eliminations bugging out, being stuck at 2/3 ending a match with an execution, and the above and beyond versus wins stuck at 10/15, I just don’t think it’s worth doing the above because of the bugged list I just mentioned.


Brothers To The End isn’t fully counting either.

At the start of the evening I had 158/250 progress for my Event Elimantor medal.

Now I’m on 165/250 despite having 13/25 for my Gnasher Bodycount medal, which shouldn’t be possible because I only gained 7 progress, despite another medal recording 13 for the Gnasher alone - and trust me, I’ve got many other kills using other weapons too.

Okay, I think I’ve worked out what is going on. It seems that the Event Eliminator medal is actually counting rounds won in the Versus Events playlist. I’ve been checking between games and it would go up by 2 when I win matches (Brothers To The End requires 2 rounds to win) or 1 where I lose 1-2.

Ugh… really?

I’m about 90% sure this is the case. At least for me anyway. I’ve only noticed this pattern about 3-4 games ago and it’s pretty consistent.

Okay, I’m now 99% sure that it’s actually counting the rounds completed and I was wrong about the initial idea that it was counting rounds won.

I just played a game where I won 2-1 and it gave me 3 progress.

I also just loaded into a game where I spawned using up one of the last respawns and died. I had no kills, but technically played this round and it gave me 1 progress.

I need 2 Swarm wins, 24 Gnasher Kills, one last kill with an execution and, apparently, 20ish rounds played for some “quick” medals.

But I just don’t feel like doing them in these last days because of that damn Above and Beyond medal stuck at 10/15, therefore making it impossible to show 100% on the medals.


Yes, it did the same for me. I filed a bug report a little while ago, but as always, they haven’t acknowledged it.

I feel you. I have all the medals done except one, and I’m definitely not winning a Ranked FFA match anytime soon.