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Torque bow tag annoying sound effects

(BindiRoy1974) #1

Game is fun but the sound effects are quite annoying as heck. Had to mute tv.

(mike yaworski) #2

I enjoy your posts

(Potato Boy 025) #3

I couldn’t even find a match you ungrateful guy!
three 5min waiting queues

(GB6 Kazuya) #4

Spread the love.

(OneShotShelly) #5

I’ll try it out.

(mike yaworski) #6

PC had crossplay off earlier. It’s fine now

(iDuskk) #7

I hate the sound so much. But I do like the confetti after getting a kill. Reminds me of Halo’s Grunt BDay party effect.


You can turn down the game options’ audio effects and keep the dialogue volume up instead muting your TV.

(Stoic Slab) #9

They should have gone with a Pyroland effect where everyone gives friendly words of encouragement (aggressive taunts) to their opponents, giggle (agonizing screams) when they are tickled (shot at) or lie down to take a nap (suffer a horrendous death).


A smoke grenade that explodes like that torque bow would be nice too.

(Stealth Ninja X) #11

Well it’s a special event, what did you expect? That’s like complaining about the cluckshot noises from the thanksgibbing event last year lol.

(OneShotShelly) #12

@Stealth_Ninja_X You complained a lot about the clucking in that TG event. Said it was “so annoying” lol.

(Stealth Ninja X) #13

I said I was annoyed with playing that mode after I got the reward.


heartbeat skins scam. i have all skins to date was trying to finish my collection yet i get 6 duplicates an 1 new skin hella pisse off right now


Same here. I thought it those those five were going to finish the set at first. I went to claim both online, looked in the customization and was shocked to see only one new :face_with_symbols_over_mouth: Markza skin out of six mysterious cards. I still need four more and want to know if the OSOK is going to give them to us.