Torque bow killage

The Torque is inconsistent in that it can render double kills. It has the damage radius of a mini grenade tag in that it can blow up a teammate who’s hugging your butt. But when you’ve a torque arrow lodged between your ■■■■■■■, and you run up to the archer, he/she cannot be killed, nor can his/her teammates be killed kamikaze style. This doesn’t make sense and should be tweaked.

I have noticed this too.

Much of this is incorrect.
I have killed people who torqued me and have been killed by people who I torqued. Either with a gnasher or the arrow itself. Maybe you have had the misfortune of not successfully killing the archer but I can tell you it’s definitely possible. Just this week I jumped into a point-blank archer and I had someone do it to me when I tried a leaping torque but accidentally rolled against a wall and got stuck.

Of course if you gnasher them, or body them in any way before the arrow explodes, you can kill the archer. That’s obvious and not contested. The explosion is enough to cause minimal damage, so I suppose it is possible to kill the archer if his/her health is already very very low, but to kamikaze an enemy with 100% (or I bet 25% health), in my experience, is impossible. On the other side of the coin, if your teammate is hit with an arrow, and you are standing near him, you will be destroyed even with 100% health. This is inconsistent and unfair.

I normally don’t even kill the guy I jus stuck an arrow in :confused: