Torque bow headshot bleed bug

you dont get any bleed damage for headshot with the torque bow. Are bugs fixed via the forum?


But tbow headshots not causing bleed has been ingame since launch, so don’t expect a fix. Ever.


@B_a_Bonfire6744 That’s why I suggest body shots only. Torque bleed is non-existent on headshot hits. If you get any bleed somehow it’s only like 5-10 dmg/s - basically tickling the enemy lol

I mean if you think about it long enough it’s not even a Bug because when you Headshot something with the Torque-Bow the Arrow keeps flying and then explodes and Demolition and Tactician deal Bleeding WITH the Blast of their EXPLOSIVES.

Robotics Expert and maybe Gunner who should be dealing bleeding with the Torque Bow on Headshot aswell (which is also not the Case of course)


Nahh, why would it keep going through the head but not the body?
In GoW4 when it went through the head the target died, If the targets health was high enough he’d survive the shot but the shot also wouldnt go through.

Having it go through heads regardless of killshot or not in Gears 5 makes no sense.

TC logic: it makes total sense.
Everyone else: yeah, um, not really

Pretty sure you’re getting something wrong here. In previous Gears, if it wasn’t like a boss enemy, the Torque Bows would always insta kill with a headshot. So there’s no real precedent to judge how they chose to implement the functionality in Gears 5. And in 4, headshotting a Snatcher with the Torque was also possible, which did a lot of damage(not one shot) as well as going right through the entire enemy, which is the only case where the Torque Bow piercing effect worked in past games with a headshot, without actually killing an enemy, at least to my memory.

Also, the PvE/MP modes really don’t follow realism very closely(as certain aspects of Gears do - sliding around everywhere as if it was iced over really doesn’t make a whole lot of sense). So I fail to see why “realism” has to apply to the Torque Bow piercing effect on headshots. The EMBAR also passes through enemies without killing them both on body shot and headshot. Yet no one seems to have issues with that.


The dropshot could oneshot all generic non boss enemies with a headshot. But there were cases enemies had high enough health a normal Tbow wouldnt oneshot them even if it was a headshot.
Youre probably talking about Tbows wielded by Heavies in which case I think youre correct.

Not sure if the realism comment was directed at me because I wasnt talking about realism, I was talking about logic.

Does it not come out to the same thing? Logic thinking in this case would imply realism… although if you ask me, if the arrow is instantly travelling large distances, it would go through a head no matter what. Either way, I see no issue with the fact that Torque arrows still go through heads even on a non headshot.

And I never had issues one shotting enemies with a Torque headshot in Gears 4 no matter the enemy or class.

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I can’t imagine why anyone would have any expectation of realism? A hypersonic ballistic round can pass through multiple opponents and not be fatal? Even the lancer takes close 20 shots to kill you. Can you think of any machine gun that would require upwards of 20 rounds to be lethal? Or how about running head first into a scorcher to chunk someone ? WW2 era flamethrowers could reach 3000 degrees F. You wouldn’t last more than a second against that.

Even realism itself can be non logical at times so how can you equate them?
The logic in this case is the mechanic introduced to us by the series - Tbow headshots passing through targets if the damage exceeds the targets health and exploding on target if the damage does not.
So having Tbow shots penetrate crit area’s at all times makes no sense according to that logic. If its not a bug then they just changed how the weapon works. They changed the logic.
If you dont mind the Tbow working how it does in G5 thats fine. But thats not what the conversation is about. Its about how the weapons mechanic has changed from G4 to G5 and whats up for debate is whether thats intentional or not.
Not sure ive seen any1 except for you mention realism but even if some1 did. What does realism has to do with this?

Pretty sure if you use a class that doesnt have any damage boost (Scout, Engineer or Soldier) on Inconceivable you wont be able to use the Tbow to 1shot certain enemies when the 2.5x health modifier kicks in.

… except that the functionality was always crit = instant kill, and the arrow still continued onward. Body shot explodes the arrow. There is no precedent to judge how TC implemented the mechanic in Gears 5 when they removed the instant kill mechanic on a headshot. Where’s the source on your statement that Epic clearly intended the mechanic in 1-J to have arrows pass through the enemy on a headshot kill but get stuck in the head if they don’t?

nope it was always a insta-gib nomatter what class and wave, which is why some Players(me included) miss the “old” t-bow and dropshot.

Simply not true. If i cared enough id fire up the game and record it for you but CBB.
You keep expanding the conversation with non issues, First the sidestep into the realism debate, now you wanna bring Epic into this. Which again, has nothing to do with the topic at hand.
I havent played Judgement as much as G4 and G5 so I cant speak on that game. Im basing my findings on what I know which is. The first TC game Im really familiar with had a different mechanic for the Tbow than it has in this one.
I dont know if its intentional or not but I get why people call how it works now a bug and are annoyed by it.

Pretty sure only the dropshot headshot could 1shot any non boss enemy on any class, the Tbow didnt on the highest difficulty on non damage classes.

Just go back to Gears 4 and try it out and see for yourself. I always used a Torque-bow as Scout or Engineer because of it’s ability to one-shot big Guys. I’m 100% sure not just “pretty sure”

Ye I did same but with dropshots. I remember GoW4 days weapon lockers being filled with drops for that reason.