Top Maps For Future Updates (Opinion)

I know these kinds of threads come and go through the forums quite a bit, but I always like discussing maps people have an interest in bringing back. At the moment, TC has a definite need to bring in some maps for Gears 5. It also doesn’t help that the maps being brought in are Gears 4 rehashes. What I’d like to see are a nice mix of new maps and old maps from previous games make a return (Gears 2 mostly). My top maps would be (no particular order):

  1. River (obviously…)
  2. Jacinto (with some tweaks to fit the Gears 5 playstyle, it could be a ton of fun, especially on Guardian)
  3. Mansion (Underrated in my opinion and, with the right setting, can be a very ominous map (Gears 1 was the best))
  4. Way Station (not very popular to most, but I really enjoyed it, especially with the Locust/Nexus aesthetic)
  5. Thrashball (See, I’m not too biased. This was the most one of the better balanced Gears 3. I’ve always had fun on it and the scoreboard always livened things up)

Honorable Mentions:

  1. Trenches
  2. Raven Down.

Let me know what kind of maps you’d like to see! Obviously, I’d love to see some new maps as well, but as far as remakes go, this would be my list. Feel free to post your own list or what your dream map for 5 would look like.

  1. Sanctuary

  2. Jacinto (Gears 2 version)

  3. Blood Drive

  4. Dawn

  5. Mercy

  6. Pavilion


I actually love Blood Drive. It’s my guilty pleasure map. I get that some people don’t enjoy it, but I think, when played the right way, it can be one of the better maps.


It’s so good, I think it got overplayed to a lot of people and that made it annoying to them


Honestly? Anything that isn’t a Gears 4 map is welcomed from me at this point. Unfortunately I cannot speak for which ones from Gears 1-3(are we even allowed to mention maps from J?) I would pick the most to want to return due to very limited MP experiences with those games.

Just nothing that was featured with Gears 4(Fallout can burn in hell, god what a boring Horde map).


There’s only 1 problem with Bloodrive and that’s the spawn set up. This was fixed in the Judgment version,

I’d be okay to have that variant back if they do go that direction which I doubt.

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I would love to see Mercy and Jacinto again. Even Gondola from Judgement.

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Tyro Station


Grind Yard
Day One

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Loved this map! Tyro Station was also a lot of fun.

whatever remakes TC decides to eventually give us all I hope is that they are ones that havent been remade already. Time to retire any map that has appeared in more than 1 gears game

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Anything from Gears 2 other than Blood Drive

You bring up a good point. @AmicableWall421 also mentioned something about bringing back maps from J. This could be a potential variant that could work. Boneyard was another solid map imo.

Top picks for me are

River (would love it if there was a flash flood style elemental effect at certain points, a bit like Avalanche)



Old Town



ANY maps from the original trilogy EXCEPT Bullet Marsh, Mausoleum & Sand Bar

Especially hope they bring back many of the maps that we haven’t seen SINCE Gears 3. Don’t get me wrong, maps likes Checkout, Blood Drive and even Gridlock are bonafide classics but c’mon TC… River, Thrashball, Pavilion…

Bringing back these 3 alone will put many of us in forgivin moods :wink:

Yet we got Lift v3.0 :sob:

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Crossing my fingers for River. But yeah, Bullet Marsh was never a favorite of mine. The aesthetic isn’t terrible, it’s just never been one of my favorites. But again, let’s be honest, River has been the map most fans have been asking for since 4, and I would love to see a new interpretation of the map as well.

Those are all great choices and I would love to see all those maps in Gears 5. In my opinion though a Gears of War game isn’t truly complete without Blood Drive & Gridlock. It’s kinda like Halo without Blood Gulch or Counters-Strike without Dust II. It just doesn’t feel quite right without them.


Maybe River with the flashbang it’ll be playable but people camp with lancer enough as is. Mortar is gone and ink. Markza sounds interesting on it though. If they added a lowere level to shack that can be occasionally blocked by a higher water level that blocks the bottom it might be fun. Maybe add the lower floor on bottom with an exit facing the river, perhaps a blown out wall with sandbags in the middle. We’d need more ways to get to other side of map. I just don’t see it working unless they change how it plays.

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I feel the same way. Gridlock, to me, always feels like a great map to add in, as it feels like a great “tester map” for devs. Each game brings its own innovations and gameplay changes, and what better map to test it out on than Gridlock!

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In Gears 1, I only hosted matches on Gridlock

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