Top five best voice emotes

Since I made the thread of top five best quotes I decided to make this one revolved around voice emotes. Here’s my top five.

5.Nope-Clayton Carmine
4.You magnificent beast-Fahz Chutani
3.You Suck-Sarah Connor
1.(Laugh-Elizabeth Carmine

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Myrrah’s obviously oh and Marcus getting upset over his vegetables.

I am in the we didn’t need them camp though, but I have grown to enjoy them.

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Why some of the characters are obsessed with seven a$$e$!? :thinking:

“you ■■■■■■ my tomatoes up!” -Marcus Fenix

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I only use Marcus and Imago for their obnoxious laugh and booo spam.

1- Marcus Come on, I don’t have all day
2- Kait and Cog gear booooooooo

“How embarrassing!” -Speaker

In no particular order,
Marcus and his tomatoes
Lizzies laugh. Its so bad its funny
Marcus, agh I got some on me. Now I got the couties fahz get me up you tossers erm I mean lovely people
There’s a dizzy but can’t remember at the minute

Got your back like a buttcrack?

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