Top five best quotes in Gears of War/Gears 5

For cole’s it’s “This ain’t the big game yet, Save your a** for the playoffs!”

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“You are F***ED up! Look at yo’ legs! They’re hanging off!” - Cole.


Marcus Fenix:
Well, we’re not here to sell cookies… So they know something’s up.

Come to my flame mothboy.


Reminds me of…
“It’s just the wind…”
“Yeah right. When’s the last time the wind said hostiles to you?”


No specific order I just enjoy all these lines

  1. You lost…TO HUMANS?! Disgraceful (Announcer Mryyah end round loss as Locust)

  2. What kind of lily livered panty waste ■■■■■■■■ was that?! You’re not soldiers…you’re cowards! (Announcer Hoffman/Prescott end round loss as cog)

  3. The Cole train runs on whole grain, baby. WOO! (GoW3 Campaign)

  4. We’re riding a Brumak (GoW2 Campaign)

  5. Could you shut the ■■■■ up, please (skipping story cues in Campaign)

And bonus gem from Dizzy…Let me light up Betty’s tiddys (GoW2 Campaign)


I thought he said metermaids instead of cowards. found it! (he may also say cowards in Gears 2 I can’t remember)

“Its time to tear ■■■■ up!” Marcus Fenix Gears 4
Sad they took that one away in gears 5

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I always enjoyed Marcus’ “Godd*** Son of a B****!” from the older games when he jammed a reload.

“Dead Scion rhymes with… uh… F*** You!” - Clayton

Clayton singing “Decontaminating” in the Safe Room showers always makes me laugh as well.

Hoff does use meter maids! Prescott said it in 2 or 3…now I gotta find the announcer video to be sure :sweat_smile:

4:14 …evidently I lost a lot more in GoW2 than 1 or UE to remember that over metermaids :joy:

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Shut the front door what is this sh*t - Hoffman

Well good for you son/Lieutenant Stroud and I need an escort, congratulations your it. - Hoffman

Bruce! - Be a dear and rip this door - Hoffman

Dig in baby we’re going into over time - Cole

Good job I wear a helmet /Mmmm. Bacon- Clayton Carmine

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“Good thing I wear a helmet”

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“Regrouped? Oh is that what you call me saving your ■■■!?”

-Cole in Gears 2 campaign

I got lost in the rabbithole of then listening to a ton of characters, was a nice trip down memory lane, so thank you :slight_smile:

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Ahhhh just like the good ol bad days :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

Bring back Guardian!!!


5 - Awww… I’m sorry, did I hurt you? Little baby? F…K YOU!!! - Clayton Carmine.
4 - Lobotomized! - Damon Baird.
3 - Lizzie’s laugh.
2 - Shut the F…k up, Fahz. - Marcus Fenix.
1 - Delta Squad is in your house, b…ch! You hear that sh.t? All you grubby-■■■ b…ches are going down! Like, way down! Dead down! So down you ain’t gonna know which way is up! Your ■■■■■ are gonna be crying to your skank-■■■ Queen, ‘Oh Mommy, don’t let the bad man hurt us!’ F…k you! We gonna whoop yo momma’s ■■■! WHOO!!! - August Cole “Train”. (GoW 2, siege of Nexus)


N° 1 hands down best quote of whole franchise.

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These arent in any specific order

The one when Marcus starts screaming obscenities because he jammed his reload.

Probably all of Prescott’s voice lines.

I wouldnt do this to you! …well, maybe I would. - Baird

Dig in baby, we going into Overtime - Cole


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I thought you were going to quote and I guess I will quote this myself…

“Bring back Guardian!”

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I quoted Marcus as it was one of the things he said when starting a round of Guardian in g4😀

Bring back Guardian!!!

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